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Kayla Wisnom to Enter College as Sophomore

February 9, 2018

Senior Kayla Wisnom is on track to finish her senior year with enough college credits to completely account for her freshman year of college.

Upon the completion of this year, Wisnom will have a full 26 college credits, all of which are transferable to the college she plans to attend, Slippery Rock University.

When questioned why she chose to try and complete one year of college while still in high school, Wisnom said: “As I completed my junior year and scheduled for my senior year, I realized that I only needed four more credits to equal a full year of college credits. This is when I contacted HACC to see about taking online courses in order to get these extra credits.”

Wisnom has taken a number of college in the classroom classes offered by Pittsburgh University (Pitt). This includes Pitt Psychology, Pitt Chemistry, Pitt Statistics, and Pitt Argument. Each of these Pitt classes account for anywhere from three to four college credits each.

Another way that Wisnom obtained college credits is through Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC). She took English Composition 101, a semester long class that comes out to be three college credits.

Wisnom also reached out to HACC to take two online classes her senior year, so that she could reach the 26 credit mark. These classes are Women Writers and Art through the Ages.

The final credits come from Wisnom’s completion of Advanced Placement (AP) English 11: Language and Composition and her success on the AP test, where she scored a three; a score which Slippery Rock University accepts.  

It is worth mentioning that not all colleges accept an AP score of three. While that is the baseline requirement for most, more prestigious schools can require an AP score of four, or even five, in some cases. It is possible, also, that some colleges will not accept AP scores at all.

Wisnom took only two college-ready classes her junior year–Pitt Psychology and 11AP English. Impressively, Wisnom is taking the other four classes (and two online courses) her senior year.

“I would say that my junior year the workload was pretty normal maybe a little extra because of Pitt Psychology. My senior year, however, the workload is a lot, and it’s tough but doable. I will admit that the workload right now is quite stressful, and I do get overwhelmed at times, but to me, it is all worth it,” said Wisnom on how she’s balancing the workload.

For anyone looking to follow the same path of completing their freshman year of college while still in high school, Wisnom gives the following wisdom: “If you are dedicated and know that this is the path you want to take, it is completely possible just with a lot of hard work.”

Wisnom plans to graduate from Slippery Rock University with a degree in Biology, with a focus in pre-med.

Anyone who is interested in pursuing a path like this should reach out to the guidance department to begin planning for it as soon as possible. There are a number of programs out there, including the new Thaddeus-Stevens early enrollment program that is launching next year.

Guidance counselor Stephanie Hurley said, “It takes a highly dedicated, organized, and motivated student to be able to take the number of AP/college credits that Kayla has and be successful.”

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