Freshman Fears

Rhianon Capo

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Rhianon Capo


We all remember what it’s like to be a freshman; mostly, we were just scared, and this year’s freshman class feels the same way.

After speaking to some members of the freshman class, most of them reported that their biggest fear was getting lost.

“The school [was so] big, so I was scared to get lost,” said freshman Edwin Himmel- Maines.

Many other freshman expressed this same fear.

Another nerve racking thing that worries freshman is not knowing where to sit in the mornings or at lunch.

“I didn’t know who to sit with in the cafeteria” said softball player Julie Defontes.

“[I was scared of] how tall others might be compared to me” said Vincent Economedes.

Although most freshman share common fears, some voiced more specific ones.

“I’m a very clumsy person, so I was scared I was going to trip,” said color guard member Emilee Doniecki.

Most people’s expectations of high school are the typical movie scene: being bullied by seniors, made fun of by teachers, and meeting extreme stereotypical groups. But, according to our freshman, the expectations were a quite a bit different.

“My expectation of high school was that I didn’t have to use a locker and when I started I found out that I don’t need to use a locker,” said drama student William Nash.

A common expectation most students had were being mixed in with upperclassmen. “[I expected] there would be upperclassmen in my classes and yes, it was true.” said Julie Defontes.

When asked to rate their first day on a scale of one to ten (one being horrible and ten being fantastic), 80% of freshman rated their day as a nine. “I thought it was [going to be]  more freedom, which it was” said Aiden Dix.

He elaborated; “Like where I can sit at lunch and being able to have our phones out in class”

In fact, a lot of students said they already enjoy high school better than middle school. “ I like it better than middle school, we can do alot more than we could in middle school, like the bistro, you can use your phone, and you don’t have to use a locker”  said Himmel-Maines.