Female Students attend Young Women’s Symposium

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December 18, 2018

On January 4, six female students went to Junior Achievement (JA)’s Young Women’s Futures Symposium at Penn State York to learn more about various career fields.

We were one of 15 schools that participated in this event.

Sophomers Rainy Broady, Kaitlin Carl, Daja Haleem, and Breanna Rifey were chosen for their drive and passion in a specific career field as well as Juniors Audra Newmeye and Victoria Baublitz.

English teacher Rachel Appleby, who chaperoned the field trip, described the students as, “Girls who have the potential to be leaders in their schools, communities, and fields.”

The symposium included four key speakers. The emcee was Victoria Connor from the York County Bar Association.

PSECU employee Whitney Purcell spoke about her role as University Development Business Analyst, and Member’s First employee Rachel Mathias spoke about personal finance.

Harriet Turk was the keynote speaker; she spoke about making positive life choices. She has worked as a probation officer, youth programs coordinator, and national traffic safety consultant.

The event had a career panel where the girls were able to ask questions about the career fields they’re interested in.

There were six different career panels that the girls could choose from: a creative path, a business path, a nature path, a helping path, building path, and a heath path. The career panels included a dentist, a licensed geologist, and a graphic designer.

There were many other fun activities like ice breakers, personal finance practice, and even resume building tips and practice.

The students learned about personal finance and learned how to read a pay stub and plan a budget.

Near the end of the symposium they were instructed on how to write a thank you note by writing one to their facilitator.

Appleby said, “The event’s purpose was to connect young women who are beginning to look at and make decisions for their future an opportunity to connect and engage with women professionals in the field that they are interested in.”

The symposium gave the girls more communication skills and confidence.

Riffey learned how to make a good impression of herself, “This event really gave me more confidence in myself that if I really want to pursue a career as a neurosurgeon then hard work, being myself, and improving will get me there.”

Other girls that attended recognize the value of the experience, too.

“I got to talk to students from different schools and at every table, their women their from different career and backgrounds that we could talk too. At first, it was a little weird but I’m the type of person who hates a quiet room. So I ended up talking to one of the ladies and telling her what I want to do when I get older and I don’t know if its right for me. So she told me she has a friend that I can shadow and see if I like the job. This could change my life. when I’m older I’m going to look back on this day,” said sophomore Daja Haleem.

Also, according to Appleby the girls were given contact information to their mentors that were chosen based on which career panel they decided to go to.