Adorable Low Maintenance Pets: Hamsters

January 3, 2020

Adorable Low Maintenance Pets: Hamsters

If you are looking for a good low maintenance, but still adorable pet, then you should consider getting a Chinese Dwarf hamster. This breed, in particular, is going to suit a family the best.

A Chinese Dwarf hamster is a brown color with a white belly. They typically have a dark stripe straight down their backs. They will fit in the palm of your hand, and never get bigger than that. They live about two in a half to three years. 

These hamsters are very timid and rarely bite, which could make them a good pet if you have small children that are going to want to hold them. 

If you are getting a Dwarf hamster for a child, you will have to be careful when the child is holding the hamster. They are very quick, which could make them challenging to handle.

When housing your new critter, be wary of bar cages. These hamsters are small enough to squeeze through some bar cages. This means not just any cage will do. You need to invest in a bar cage designed specifically for Dwarf hamsters. 

If you don’t want to deal with finding a special cage, an aquarium will be your safest alternative. The larger the cage the better, though.

If there are places where the hamster can climb out of the aquarium, you should get a lid that the hamster cannot chew through. These little guys are excellent at escaping, but you can buy lids that are virtually indestructible. 

As mentioned before, these hamsters are very active and require a large cage to prevent boredom. If hamsters get bored, they can resort to chewing on anything they can get their teeth on. It is okay if they chew on things that are safe for them to chew on. It isn’t bad for them to chew on certain things because it helps keep their teeth ground down.

Since hamsters are very active, they can run about six miles a night. You will want to have a solid surface/plastic wheel in the cage with your hamster. 

You will want to avoid metal wheels. The hamster’s legs are really small, and if they slip on the metal wheel, they could possibly hurt their leg(s). 

As you continue to consider the perfect home for your new pet, you will want to avoid cedar or pine bedding. This is to prevent cedar phenol’s. Cedar phenol’s cause toxic fumes that can cause liver and respiratory problems in your hamster. A good type of bedding to use is aspen shavings or a carefresh bedding, which is a soft type of bedding.

Once your new little hamster is settled, you need to consider food. you will want to feed your hamster a good-quality hamster food with small amounts of fresh fruits. Don’t feed your hamster any citrus types of fruits, though. The citrus fruits can cause uncomfortable tummy distress and diarrhea.

If you want two hamsters and want to keep them in the same cage you have to be cautious. Females can sometimes become aggressive towards other females. You will have to introduce them at a very young age if you want them to live together. 

If you choose two hamsters, then your cage or aquarium needs to be that much bigger. So, your safest option is to house the hamsters separately.

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