Star Wars Top 10 Most Powerful Characters


Wyatt Menges, Reporter

The ten strongest characters in the Star Wars universe are debated a lot among Star Wars fans, but this bracket will prove who is the most powerful of them all. All the characters in this bracket are when they are all in their prime. 

The first match-up is Count Dooku versus Obi-Wan Kenobi, the winner will move on to the main bracket to fight Darth Revan. Dooku beat Kenobi with mild difficulty. 

Dooku has already previously beaten Kenobi two different times, once in Attack of the Clones, the other in Revenge of the Sith.

He knew his weaknesses, which were that he leaves a lot of openings and isn’t as strong as him. He used them to his advantage getting the win over him.

The second match is Mace Windu versus Emperor Palpatine, the winner will move on to fight Luke Skywalker in the main bracket. Mace Windu beat the Emperor, but it was pretty difficult for him. 

From what happened in Star Wars Revenge of the Sith, Mace Windu would beat him in a fair fight, and this is a fair fight that resulted in Mace Windu winning.

Now we have made it to the main bracket. The matchups are Darth Revan versus Count Dooku, Yoda versus Darth Vador, Star Killer versus Darth Nihilus, and Mace Windu versus Luke Skywalker.

Darth Revan versus Count Dooku; Dooku easily won. His dueling was faster and more accurate and overall better, and his force overpowered Revan.

 Darth Vador versus Yoda; was a very close battle. Vador had a lot of trouble and difficulty dealing with Yoda’s speed, but Vador’s force powers were too strong for Yoda and Vador came out on top.

Star Killer versus Darth Nihilus; are two lesser-known characters in Star Wars. Star Killer was Vador’s former student, and he was so strong with the force that he could pull the whole star destroyer down. He had the ability to cast energy in the way of an explosion disintegrating anyone in his way other than stronger people than him.

On the other side, there’s Darth Nihilus; he was so strong he could sense other force sensitives that were in the galaxy and track them down. He could wipe out entire planets and feed on the force energy in them making him stronger and stronger. 

However, his hunger for strength is so big it controls him, making it so he instinctively feeds on everyone around him. But this was also a good thing at times because it would cause the people to get slower and weaker resulting in an easier fight if it came to that. 

The winner was Darth Nihilus, his strength overpowered Star Killer and caused him to lose, even though Star Killer was winning in the dueling part of it. 

Next up we have Mace Windu versus Luke Skywalker.  Luke won, it wasn’t too hard of a fight for him. He excels in the powers of the force and is better at dueling. 

Next is Darth Vador versus Count Dooku; this isn’t their first time-fighting. When they fought before, Vador was not as strong as he is now but still beat Dooku with mild difficulty. 

So, since Darth Vador is now stronger he obviously won pretty easily. 

Luke Skywalker versus Darth Nihilus. Luke won this battle. It was difficult, but Luke obliterated him with constant force pushes blasting him down and far away, as well as using saber throws so he could keep him at distance. 

Now for the final battle, the notorious Darth Vador versus his son Luke Skywalker. This was a very difficult and long battle for each of them since they are both so even in skill and both evenly strong in the force. 

As we saw in “Star Wars Return of the Jedi,” Luke won the battle against Darth Vador. But Darth Vador was not in his prime during that battle and was old and getting weaker. 

This is not the case in this bracket sense it’s when they’re in there prime. Luke and Vador both in their prime were so evenly matched that they could just not get a upper hand on each other and everything they tried got defended.