Here’s More To Know About Designer Dogs

December 2, 2022

Did you ever think of how many special different dog breeds there are in the world? And we’re constantly creating more, especially with the popularity of designer dogs.

Designer dogs are special dogs “bred to optimize the best qualities of each of the parent breeds” said Time USA. In other words, mixing two known breeds to make a new one.

The most popular designer dogs are most likely Labradoodles, which are a mix of a Labrador Retriever and a Standard Poodle.

Due to their popularity, it is no surprise they won’t come cheap! Designer dogs often cost anywhere from $500-$2,000, and some will require a waiting period. Many breeders have buyers lined up before they even have the puppies.

According to WUFF, there are a variety of reasons people might want a designer dog. The first being an attempt to be unique or different.

Speaking of unique and different, here’s an example for a very unique mix! Have you ever heard of a Pumsky? They are a mix of a Pomeranian and a Husky!

The price tags being so high, many people wonder if it’s worth even getting such an expensive dog. It definitely is, because designer dogs are designed to fit for your liking!

For example, there are some designer dogs that are made to fit particular medical needs, such as allergies. So a lot of designer dogs are bred with one parent that has real hair–like a poodle.

I have a designer dog of my own, and he is a hypoallergenic dog because my mom is allergic to dogs that shed a large amount of fur.

“I didn’t really want a dog, but my kids and husband really wanted one. So I made sure I got a hypoallergenic dog because I am allergic to dogs that shed,” said labradoodle owner Marion Sayo.

What’s the difference between a designer dog and any old mixed breed, or mut?

A mut is a mixed-breed dog that does not belong to one officially recognized breed. For example, designer dogs have a parent that is a pure bred of its breed mixed with another pure bred.

A puggle, for example, is a mix between a pure bred Pug and a pure bred Beagle.

Muts, on the other hand, come from parents who are not registered as a certain breed and may be a mix of many breeds themselves.

Muts are cheaper than designer dogs, because there was no deliberate mixing of breeds to form a new one.

Overall, designer dogs are a great way to create new breeds, and they make great pets. They are loveable, unique, different, and everything you could ever think of in a dog! They are special in their own different ways.

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