Find Your Curl Product!

When it comes to finding products best fit for black hair, it can be stressful and dis-encouraging. 

In this article, we’re going to discuss some products I recommend, and others I  don’t suggest using when it comes to caring for your curls. 

My first suggestion that we’re going to talk about is Shea Moisture. 

Shea Moisture comes in variations of shampoo, conditioner, hair masks, styling cream, and more. 

Some ingredients that are vital for hair growth and healthiness can be found in this product, such as: Apple Cider Vinegar, which helps prevent itchiness and dry scalp; Shea Butter, which is good for hair moisture; and various oils, which are good for scalp moisture. 

There are also other ingredients included in Shea Moisture products that can be found on their official website, here Shea Moisture ingredients.

Places where this hair product can be purchased include: Walmart Supermarket and New York Beauty Supply. 

Now, we’re going to get into a hair product that I don’t recommend you apply on your curls. 

Even though it can be seen being used all over social media, Cantu, in my opinion, is not very beneficial when it comes to defining and moisturizing your hair.

Freshman Kennedy Baker said, “I personally don’t like to use Cantu because my hair needs a thicker moisturizer to obtain a curl.” 

Also, Cantu has been found to have ingredients that if applied to your hair for a long period of time, can cause damage. 

These ingredients include: petrolatum, which can cause buildup of dandruff and polythene glycol, which causes loss of moisture and has been found to cause cancer. 

Here’s an article discussing these ingredients. Cantu ingredients

I also will include my experience with both these products. 

When I first realized I had to start to learn how to care for my curls, I purchased Cantu, because I saw people with a similar hair type use it, and reading the ingredients list, it seemed like a very healthy product for black hair.

After my first use, I thought it was great; my hair started to grow more and my curls weren’t as dry. 

As I continued using it, though, my hair started to come out more when I attempted to detangle it; I had a lot of build up on my scalp, and my curls became very brittle. 

I became very concerned not knowing what to do or what products to switch over to until I completed research and came across Shea Moisture.

My first use of Shea Moisture on my hair was pretty rough, as my hair had to adjust to a new product being applied in it. 

After a month or two of using it, my hair started to feel more moisturized and my build up reduced by a lot.

Also, my hair became a lot easier to style and grew out a lot more. 

I chose to share my experience using these two products on my hair, but everybody’s hair is different in their own way. 

I recommend doing research before purchasing any product to apply in your hair, but hopefully, this article will somewhat give you an idea to follow.