Why Minecraft Is An Amazing Game

December 16, 2020

From its first release under the name of Cave Game in 2009, Minecraft has risen to become one of the most well-known and one of the greatest games in the world. 

While the game has been out for so long, Minecraft still doesn’t fail to pull in and please more players every day. There are a billion reasons why Minecraft is a superior game over the rest; for the sake of time, I’ve shortened this list to the top 5 reasons why everyone should play.


1) It’s Good for creativity

Minecraft  is the definition of a game with unlimited possibilities. All the time people make various builds that some people didn’t even know were possible. As Minecraft is an open-world game with the goal being up to the player, you can let your creative mind run wild. Even the most uncreative minds can spend hours in the blocky, open space and end up with a whole world of creations.


2) It has a great community

With each game released, it comes with its own community or fanbase, and if you’ve ever wanted a more welcoming one, the first place to look is Minecraft. From its content creators to the simple ones who play for fun, all around, it is full of positivity and support. 

There are forums where people show off their builds gaining positive feedback and even great suggestions in return. Every day there’s a new Minecraft video posted by countless creators, sharing their own creations and how to replicate them or sharing their new, fun challenges for others to attempt for themselves. 

Even when people are confused about different aspects of the game or aren’t sure how to accomplish something, other players of the game are right there to help out with no other questions asked.


3)Creators listens to their fans


Another factor that definitely cannot be ignored is that the people in charge of making Minecraft actually listen to their fans. When the time comes for a new mob or addition the creator’s brainstorm and illustrates them, but they leave it up to the fans and let them vote on Twitter which one they want to be implemented into the game first. 

On top of that, some may be upset that their favorite addition or mob didn’t win, while it may not be in the game first, all the possible additions that were voted on still get added into the game! Talk about pleasing all the fans, am I right?


4) No winning aspect so it’s all for fun

No one likes playing with a lobby full of sore losers or toxic players, but with Minecraft, all those sour components are a day of the past.

 Minecraft’s main goal is for people to pursue their creativity and have fun. No winner. No loser. The only way to even beat and “win” Minecraft is to beat the all-powerful Enderdragon. Not even each other! 

Getting into a lobby full of your friends will now be full of laughs, smiles, and positivity while you work towards your separate goals or together as a team to beat the game.


5) It’s for everyone

Lastly, and most importantly, Minecraft can be enjoyed by everyone and of all ages. You like to go on adventures and live on the edge? Pick “Hardcore” mode and survive out in the Minecraft world where dying really means game over.

Are you more of a creative type and like to build with the element of safety and no monsters? Pick “Creative” mode and fly around and build endlessly with any possible block. Better yet, change your world to peaceful and keep the same vibe of Minecraft with collecting materials, building, and exploring without the fear of seeing any monsters.

Do you like a mix of the two? Go on “Simple Survival” mode and create, collect, explore, and defeat monsters all at your own pace, having the respawn button at the simple press of a button.

Even at 11 years strong, Minecraft never ceases to get old. To date, the game is still coming out with countless updates and new additions to provide more and more content for its players to keep them entertained.

With the addition of Minecraft’s own addons, the community creates fantastic and unique mods for everyone to enjoy that keep the fun long-lasting with ease. Minecraft even comes on all devices! That means Minecraft in the car, Minecraft at your house on your console, even Minecraft on the public libraries computers!

 With so many reasons why to play, and so many opportunities to do so, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t let yourself try your hand at the glorious world of Minecraft and learn first hand why it truly is the greatest game in the world. 

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  1. Maura Kief on December 28th, 2020 10:48 am

    Honestly, the best thing I’ve seen all day. 😀 Great job bro.

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