Horticulture Class Plant Sale This Week

May 5, 2021

The Horticulture class is hosting a Plant Sale on May 7 and May 8. Plants are available for purchase to the SESD Staff on the 7, while the 8 is the designated sale date for the whole community.

The items for sale include everything from squash and cilantro, tomatoes, petunias, pansies, and a plethora of more intriguing plants, such as celosia. The prices range from as low as $0.50 to a maximum of $12. The $12 items being hanging baskets.

The price list from previous years helped the class determine the prices of items this year, in addition to the quality and quantity of the plants as well.

So, how exactly can one purchase these plants? Agriculture teacher Hannah Harris said, “Community members must come May 8 9-4 a.m. to purchase with cash or check.” There are designated days for both the community members and school staff to purchase the plants, which can reduce the foot traffic, while also ensuring an effective sale for everyone participating.

The plants that are not immediately sold will be distributed in a variety of ways from gifts to teachers, to local retirement home donations. If there are still more plants in excess, there is a possibility for an extension to this sale, as the horticulture class is truly committed to making sure all their hard work will find a good home.

Harris attributed much of the Plant Sale preparation to her six hardworking students, whom Harris said have been working nearly everyday to build this event, through: “transplanting, pinching, deadheading, making baskets, and planting seeds.”

Junior Lydia Miller commented that students didn’t have one singular job, they worked together on all plants to help their growth.

“I did a little bit of everything from planting seeds, cleaning up the greenhouse, transplanting flowers and vegetables, and preparing for the sale. I even came in one weekend to do some extra work for the Plant sale,” Miller said.

Through all of the hard work, Harris hopes the students will build a sense of confidence in conversing with the public, along with progressing their financial skills through the commercial aspect of the sale.

The Plant Sale was very successful last year, and Harris, the new horticulture teacher and alumni, chose to continue the tradition, despite all of the obstacles this year has brought on everyone. Harris said, “It’s a great cause! These plants have been cared for and grown by students. If you are going to purchase flowers, herbs and veggies, you might as well get them here!”

Students agree it’s a great way to reach out to the community, a well.

Harris hopes this event can continue to grow, and sprout into something even more special, through food trucks and other family friendly activities, that will ensure the flowering of this Plant Sale in the future.

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