Retiring Teacher Spotlight

Mr. Vojcsik

Ashley Donahue, Social Media Editor

Next school year, you won’t be hearing his famous catchphrases (“You lie like a rug” or “Do not, do not, do not..”) echoing through the halls, because social studies teacher Scott Vojcsik will retire in one month. “I love Mr.Vojcsik’s humor,” said sophomore Hannah Carl.  Vojcsik graduated from Gettysburg college in 1978 and he was 22 years old. He had gone to school for business and bec...

Mrs. Snyder

Ashley Donahue, Social Media Editor

It isn’t unexpected for a teacher who teaches a language to be cultured and adventurous, and Spanish teacher Karen Snyder is a perfect example of this.  Snyder got her Bachelor's degree at Bloomsburg and Master’s degrees from both Penn State University and Millersville University. Her Penn State degree is in education and her Millersville degree is in elementary education.  Snyder is ret...

Mr. Brosse

Ashley Donahue, Social Media Editor

During the years of schooling that the average student has, there will be a handful of teachers who simply give work, grade the work, and repeat. Ronald Brosse does not fit under this category. Ronald Brosse has been teaching since 1994, starting here in 2000. He gained his first teaching experience as a teacher at Bradley Academy for the Visual Arts.  But, after 28 years of teaching, he is retir...

Mr. Salvitti

Ashley Donahue, Reporter

From an outside perspective, the military and teaching look like polar opposites; however, they are very similar. Science teacher Gino Salvitti got out of high school with the intention of spending 20 years in the military and then retiring. This was not the case.  During his time in the army, Salvitti instructed new soldiers through their transition from civilian life to the military.  “I was ...

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