Troy Borkowski’s Determination to Succeed


Determination has always been a second nature to Troy Borkowski; whatever he seems to do he has done with hard work and excellence.  From graduating high school in 2003, to joining the National Guard, he has had many twists and turns in his life but always had determination.

Throughout his time at high school, he played football and was on the wrestling team and when asked what one of his greatest accomplishments were during high school he said, “the friendships gained during football and wrestling.”

“Enjoy highschool while you can.  I miss every minute of it,” he said

Borkowski worked very hard throughout his sports career, and even played football in college.  But, after a short time, Borkowsi decided to go into military school.

“After 1.5 years in college and playing two years of football I left; I wanted to give myself a better foundation for more of a long-term career,” Borkowsi said.

After pushing his way through boot camp and technical school, he returned home and immediately got an assistant supervisor position at a warehouse.  From 2009-2013 he held that position until he got selected for active duty with the National Guard.   

His efforts to make a long lasting career and sufficient life for his family were met through dedication and hard work.  He’s now a Technical Sergeant.

When asked what his favorite part of the job was he said, “The travel and bonds you build with fellow military service men and women.”

Of course, there are downsides to every job, and he noted that “the travel and being away from family” was the hardest.

He is working very hard towards a full active duty retirement, working 6 a.m.-6 p.m.  He is extremely committed.

“As I get older, I find it more common to stay in and spend time with them [family] than to go out with friends,” he said.  He’s looking forward to one day retiring and relocating with his wife to the beach.

In his free time he is a coach for youth football and wrestling, and he “enjoys every minute of it,” he said.

He is also studying criminal justice but plans to study physical education or kinesiology.

“Determination helped greatly, but in an odd way.  I was determined to take care of myself without my parents’ help.  This desire and determination, unfortunately, drove me to drop out of college as I was relying on them financially while in college and hated it.  However, I would have never joined the military if I hadn’t dropped out of college.  If I would have never joined the military I wouldn’t have met my wife or have any of the children I have.  

“My life long goal was to have a successful career and family, and crazy enough, that all happened even with some questionable decisions that actually worked in my favor over the long run,” Borkowski said.