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Social Media Disclaimer

We use a variety of social media platforms in order to share information, showcase student work and accomplishments, engage with our community, and bring awareness to our student newspaper.

While we actively monitor our accounts, we cannot possible review them 24/7. As such, please report any issues or problems.

We actively invite our community, students, and school officials/employees to interact with our stories and online platforms.

In regard to comments, messages, or other interactions with our social media platforms, we respectfully ask individuals to be respectful and appropriate for a student publication. We reserve the right to remove or hide content that includes, but is not limited to:

  • Vulgar or profane
  • Copyrighted material posted without permission.
  • Confidential material.
  • Spam, advertising, or commercial solicitations or information.
  • Obscene, defamatory, harassing, discriminatory, violent, hateful, or sexual material.
  • Off-topic or disruptive remarks.

We also reserve the right to temporarily block or ban users that violate any of the ethical guidelines we have established for our platforms.

We do not express approval or support for the views expressed by third-parties.

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Social Media Disclaimer