Annual Hallow-THON Fundraiser


Brendan Beazley, Reporter

On October 28, Mini-THON hosted a Halloween themed fundraiser to help support childhood cancer patients and research. 

If students donated $2 to their homeroom teacher, they could dress up as their favorite character, but were told they must refrain from face paint or masks.

Mini-THON advisor Robin Tarbert said, “The rule about face masks and makeup is for security so that students and staff are easily able to be identified while they are in the building.“ 

This event has become a holiday tradition, as they have hosted this particular fundraiser on numerous occasions with a lot of success. 

The Mini-THON is planning to raise at least $7,000 in fundraising money this year in total, and they were hoping to raise at least $500 through this Halloween event.

Last year’s event held around 50 total participants. The school hoped for an increase in participants this year.

Mini-THON thought that it wouldn’t be a good idea to host the event Halloween since it fell on a Monday this year, so they decided to host the event on the Friday before Halloween in hopes that more people would remember to participate. 

Although the point of the event was to have fun, donate money and dress up, you didn’t necessarily have to dress up. You could just donate money to your homeroom teacher.

The Halloween Mini-THON event isn’t the only event being hosted. In November you’ll get to see the secretaries kiss a goat if the students can raise $300, and the Principal will kiss them for $500.