Has Homework Taken Over?

Hannasy Sledge, Reporter

Homework isn’t the main point of your schooling career; as such, it should only be a small portion of your journey along the way.

The purpose of homework is to help reinforce what was taught in class that day and to sometimes give extra information about the lesson. However, homework does not accomplish this idea.

Most of the papers that teachers send home and the online work that they assign only repeat the same things that were taught in class, which is pointless.

If the homework reiterated what was taught in class? Why waste time and resources on repetition on things that will be taught again in the classroom the next day?

Outsiders and teachers may think that assigning homework every day is advancing a student’s education, but really, it is just an annoyance.

Sending too much homework home with students can be overwhelming and can heighten anxiety.

When I say too much homework, i mean that assigning homework every single night is just “too much”.

If teachers assigned homework during the week and the gave students off during the weekend, then students can focus on their personal lives apart from school life.

From Monday to Friday every week, we are constantly working hard for hours at school, and then, when we return home, we spend an average of 3.5 hours doing homework after school.

Also, most students are part of after-school activities, whether that includes a sport, drama club, or any other club. Due to this, some students don’t finish practice until 5:00 or even later.

This means that if student get home and begin his/her homework right away, they won’t get to do anything besides homework until 8:30. This leaves little time to interact with family or friends.

However, if students did this daily but got to be free on the weekends, that would leave plenty of time to make up for lost time during the week to spend with family and friends.

Teenagers need to have the social aspect of their lives. If they do not have these opportunities to interact with people their age, this can lead to depression and/or anxiety.

Teens also need time to interact with family. Even though we are thought to not want to necessarily be with our family’s, deep down each one of us needs that family time.

If high school students have siblings, they need special time with them also. We all need to just designate a little time during the weekend to have fun with younger or older siblings.

Studies also show that if teenagers got more sleep, they would be more successful. I believe that if students received less homework over the weekends, they would be able to catch up on sleep due to loss of rest during the week.

Also, I believe that in school if students were given more time at the end of class, this would prevent from a lot of homework being assigned to one night.

Being given class time to complete homework would give students more time to accomplish the work, so we would only have a small portion to do at home.

I believe that many students get overwhelmed each night as they sit down to do homework. If less homework was given, it could allow more time to do work thoughtfully.

Homework is not necessary during the weekends because those are the two days that we are allowed to be “free” of the school environment. Therefore, projects and extra worksheets should be postponed or only assigned for the school days.

We, as teenagers, need quality time with family and plenty of time to enjoy being with our friends. School should not interfere with these two relationship, relationships that are necessary in everyday life.