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Help Desk Expands Services

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The Help Desk, located in the Media Center, is now offering services beyond Chromebook repair, which include help with software and how-to questions for staff and students.

While this service has technically been available all year, the department is attempting to promote its other abilities more widely.

In regard to software questions, the Help Desk can advise teachers and students how best to use Google software, including various Google apps that a person may want to learn about or begin using.

“For instance, if a teacher would like to know how they can use Google Drive to put documents on their page on the school website, we can help,” said senior Rae Clayton.

In addition to software questions, the Help Desk also hosts student intern Connor Smith during period 9; their hope is that Smith could come to teacher’s classrooms if they are trying something new with technology or to just offer additional support.

Smith would also be able to prepare necessary work or test a lesson in regard to its use of technology beforehand.

The technology department chose to offer additional services due to the District’s technology initiative. “Many classrooms are heavily reliant on the use of Chromebooks inside and outside of the lesson, so we want to help ensure that goes as smoothly as possible,” Clayton said.

The Help Desk is always looking for ways to improve and serve the school where needs arrive, so they note the importance of communicating personal ideas or ways to improve their services to them in person or via e-mail.

“We just started to have monthly meetings so the Interns have an opportunity to share what they have learned with each other.  We want to learn what other schools are doing and plan to have a webinar with another high school help desk in the near future.  We are also planning for next year.  All of the current interns are twelfth graders so we need to hire new crew,” said director of technology Terri McKnight.

The Help Desk is available periods one through five and nine through ten. The interns working the desk are seniors:  Clayton, Adam Freese, Smith, or Jared Strickland.

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Help Desk Expands Services