Kavanaugh Speaks Out

Avery Logue, Reporter

On July 9, President Donald Trump nominated Federal Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court Justice. However, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford made accusations of sexual assault, distracting from his campaigning.

Personally, I believe that Ford may have been sexually assaulted, but I don’t believe it was Kavanaugh who had done it to her.

During the time Ford testified before the Senate, she showed many emotions towards the detailing of the supposed incident, which seemed to very real to me.

Although she showed emotion towards the incident, I am skeptical that she decided to come out about the assault right when Kavanaugh was taking one of the biggest steps in his life.

Perhaps Kavanaugh had been at the party during the occurrence, but since Ford says she does not remember many details about the situation, she could just be accusing Kavanaugh since she knows he was there.

As the announcement was made that Kavanaugh was nominated to be a Supreme Court Justice, Ford had decided it was the right time to speak up about what had happened in high school.

On July 6, Ford wrote an anonymous letter to California Senator Dianne Feinstein, explaining a past incident that happened between Kavanaugh and herself.

When someone leaked the letter to the press, it became a public issue. This resulted in the news being spread that Kavanaugh allegedly assaulted Ford in high school 36 years ago.

Following the letter, in late August, Ford gave more detail to Feinstein about the incident and originally stated that she did not want to further the issue saying, “Why suffer through the annihilation if it’s not going to matter” according to a CNN interview.

As the investigation continued, Mark Judge, a close friend of Kavanaugh, had been interviewed since he was supposedly at the same party where the incident happened. Throughout the interview, Judge denied all claims that were made.

Additionally, the White House issued a statement from Kavanaugh denying all allegations.

On September 17, Ford decided she would speak with lawmakers about the alleged assault, because it was her “civic duty”, as a result to Ford speaking out, the votes for Kavanaugh’s nomination became delayed.

Both Ford and Kavanaugh testified and gave their side of the issue, with Kavanaugh again denying all claims.

Days after the two had spoken about the issue, Trump placed the Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I) on the case in order to find more background information and interview other people that said they had been at the party where the assault occurred.

Several weeks later, on October 5, Kavanaugh passed through all issues and investigations and gained the ability to continue his nomination as a Supreme Court Justice.

After the FBI investigation, the Senate voted to decide whether or not Kavanaugh would be confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice. The total was close, with 50 votes to confirm and 48 to deny, allowing Kavanaugh to proceed into the Supreme Court.

Finally, On Saturday, October 6, Trump signed Kavanaugh’s Commission of Appointment which made Kavanaugh officially sworn in as a Supreme Court Justice.

As Kavanaugh becomes a Justice, I believe he will most likely still have problems in the future due to these several different accusations made from different women.

With several other accusations being made towards Kavanaugh, later in his career, someone else could try to press charges towards him and cause more protests in attempt to get him out of office.