Poor Graphics make Fortnite Worse

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Poor Graphics make Fortnite Worse

Edwin Himmel-Maines, Reporter

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When Fortnite first came out in 2017, it was the best game on the market until a ton of changes were made, which took a lot of the fun away.

Nearly 80 million people played Fortnite around the world, on three different types of gaming systems (P.C. (personal computer), Xbox 1, and PS4).

Since its release, the game franchise is on season six, but as each new season comes out, it gets worst.

To begin, season six has features, which cost a lot of money. For example, the game has skins, and they are based on the season. These can cost a ton of money. Rare skins cost about $25. The game is free, so players pay more for skins then they did for the game. This seems illogical.

Another feature that I have a problem with are the new childish elements; you can also have pets that follow you while you play, and I find this to be very juvenile, because the pets look very childish and they bark and things

Fortnite also has more than skill to it; some might get lucky, such as when you take fall damage. You could get lucky and receive little to no damage, but, then again, you might die .

You can’t really beat luck, so sometimes this game of chance within a game of skill is incredibly frustrating.

Aside from actual game features, all the new seasons causes the game to lag . Nobody wants to play on a laggy server, yet the makers keep adding things to the map.

For example, season six features an island that keeps moving and when it changes locations, it causes the game to lag.

While you lag, things start to get inconsistent. One thing people hate is when the pump shotgun does 14 or less damage to the body. Then, the other player has an advantage, and they can eliminate you. This is frustrating.

I think Fortnite can work on fixing the servers and stop changing things so often.

Additionally, makers constantly add new updates, which results in somethings glitching out. To fix the glitches, maybe the game developers could take a little time and fix the servers.

Since a lot of new games are coming out, Fortnite creators should really consider thinking about the problems with the game. If they don’t listen to their customers, the game will surely fall in the rankings.