October Fun Night

Desiree Cook, Reporter

Aevidum hosted its third annual October Fun Night on October 25, and like the years before, it was a huge success, but there is a lot of planning and organization that goes into it.

October fun night, is a night where school clubs and organizations come together and host a halloween themed festival in the school.

The hallways had been set up for trick or treaters, and classrooms gave out candy to the children. The gym was used to hold games and a petting zoo .Along with the cafe that had treats from the bake sale.

According to Aevidum co-advisor Jennifer Adams, the “October Fun Night” idea, came from another school, Susquehannock high school . Social worker, Kara Vojcsik, borrowed the idea from the school and used it to make a fun night here.

Planning was an essential part to this night. The planning committee basically planned everything behind the scenes. But students decorated doors.

Adams sent an email to all staff members, including administration, asking if anyone was willing to sponsor a room or help out in other ways.

Clubs, other staff, and students from the district helped out with this event.

It’s not just the high school who participates, either. Teachers and clubs from eighth grade, elementary schoolers, and even administration get involved.

“Our district’s Administration even shows up to this Halloween event and even participates,” said Adams.

“20-25 clubs or organizations were included in this event. Such as Aevidum, Color Guard, Band, cheerleaders, sports, and much more,” said Adams.

They planned this night a year ahead to make sure the gym and cafeteria would be available, which made it easier than planning in the school year.

The cost of organizing this event was minimal. Aevidum didn’t have to rent a place to host the event, as it was in the school.

Aevidum also ensured that any clubs or organizations sponsoring a room or activity provided their own candy or decorations.This way everyone can be pitching in without major money being spent.

Since the event is a community one, and the intention is to help the SESD staff and organizations, and to bring the community together as one. Considering distance, time schedules, and differences between the community. We are all brought together for a fun night.

Although, Aevidum did encourage a food or personal care donation to the school pantry as a part of entry “cost”.

In order to advertise for this event, Aevidum sent home flyers in each school, as well as posting the event in local grocery stores and announcing it at the high school level on KRAM.

Adams even asked for the event to announced at our last football game to get the word out and about.

Word of mouth is also part of the advertising, as many people who have gone in the past come again, and sometimes bring more friends and family with them.

Overall this was a huge team effort with the help of the planning committee , the administration, and the building grounds.