Battle of Buildings Fundraiser to Help Drama Club and Music Boosters

Michael Zabkowski, Sports Editor

Earlier this year, the music boosters came up with a fundraising idea called “Battle of the Buildings”, and drama Club adviser James Craley said the event could become an annual fundraiser if the first one goes well.

As of now, Battle of the Buildings is planned to occur on April 11 of next year. More specifically, the event would occur sometime in the evening.

While the South Eastern School District Music Boosters came up with the idea, the Music Boosters are working with Drama Club to sponsor a fundraiser that incorporates team building exercises between each building in the district.

Each building in the district will form a team of at least five members, consisting of staff and faculty members.

Each team will come up with a game, but the other teams will not know what it is until it is time to play.

In addition, teams will be assigned a color for shirts.

The winning team will get a trophy to display in their respective building. Craley said, “We are hoping that this event will be a yearly competition, so that each year the winning team can defend their title and other teams can take the trophy away from the previous winner.”

Furthermore, those that are interested in watching the event can buy tickets. Food and drinks will be sold at the event as well.

Music Boosters and Drama Club parents and students will sell tickets, be the announcers, play music, and keep score.

Building administrators will select team names and serve as captains, or they can assign another person to be the team captain.

Team captains will have a plethora of duties to take care of including: selecting a roster for the team, select color for team shirts, select game ideas and provide descriptions of the game, gather materials for the game, and advertise the event.

Craley also said he is looking forward to having a fundraiser prior to the event where shirts would be sold to show support for the event.

Craley plans on the money that is raised going to the Music Boosters and the Drama Club. “Funds help to pay for our Sound engineer, the rental of lights, backdrop rentals, sets, costumes, and paint for our shows,” Craley said.