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Highschool stress

Desiree Cook, Reporter

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High school years, are supposedly the best years of a teenager’s life, but ask any teenager and their responses are likely to be the opposite.

When it comes to stress, some students know the extremes. Between friends, family, and school, students believe school is the worst stress in their lives.

Statistics for student stress are rising as the years go by.

School Network surveyed thousand of high school students and questioned “How often are you stressed?” and nearly 45% all students said “All the time”.

Teenagers experience stress from many things in school: dealing with relationships, and teachers causing stress are primary reasons students identified for their stress.

I asked a current student “From a scale of 1-10 how much does high school stress you out? And why?”

“The people and grades. Some students carry too much drama, and grades are stressful because the amount of work,” said freshman Jacob Koffenberger.

This student doesn’t have honors classes, yet he is still having issues with the amount of work. “It’s too much work in a little amount of time.”

Between homework, sports, clubs, and extracurricular activities, students can experience severe stress, especially when it’s a daily routine, but there are ways that we, teenagers in high school, can eliminate this stress.

First, take time for self care. Eat healthy foods daily, have a solid sleep schedule, and keep positive thoughts about school in mind.

Take time to just relax and enjoy activities other than your everyday sports or errands. Like go out to dinner or go to a movie. Something simple.

Second, learn to think more positive and fix your thinking. A thought can be more believable than words. A teenage mind over thinks and starts to believe the things they tell themselves.

You could try a happiness journal where you write down what is good about your day, or you could create a positive mantra or statement every day to remind yourself to be positive. Some examples could be: I can do this, there’s always tomorrow, or I am going to succeed.

Something to think about is positive stress. Positive stress is when you stress about fun or happy events, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, or a game you are competing in. People stress about these things but they are also excited for these events. This is a way more healthy than negative stress.

Therefore, students should keep positive stress in mind oppose to negative stress.

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Highschool stress