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The New McLaren

Cody Joines, Reporter

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Recently, McLaren developed a new car called the Speedtail McLaren. It is the fastest car that McLaren has ever made, over 1,000 horsepower.

The price for this car is $2.25 million dollars, and it is a long-distance cruiser. It has impressive speed runs, because it is a V-12, and it is built of materials so advanced that the F1 feels like a relic in comparison.

The McLaren is very aerodynamic the teardrop design of the car leads the air towards the engine mounted behind the rear seats. A lot of this car is made out of carbon fiber–even the spoiler.

To continue the aerodynamic quality of this car, it has static wheel covers on the front wheels, installed to dramatically reduce air turbulence. The McLaren is only 3,153 pounds; that’s 1,300 lbs lighter than a Bugatti Chiron.

Because of the unusual three-seat layout, McLaren’s efforts to create new side airbags for the car did not happen. As a result, it is not street legal in the U.S., because the McLaren does not have side airbags that would conform to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Rules.

It only has three seats in the car: one in the front and two in the back; it is much different than regular cars.

McLaren offers front and back luggage compartments, and the owner can even purchase luggage bags that are $2,000; McLaren designed them to fit perfectly into the compartments.

The McLaren has side cameras instead of mirrors, which is beneficial because these cameras actually do provide a far wider view at the back.

The McLaren added a curved glass window and it is the largest on a McLaren. You are basically able to control the amount of light entering the car by a touch of a button.

Another interesting addition is that McLaren added a velocity mode. It makes the car hunker down by more than an inch; then it releases all the fury of the electric motor and the internal combustion engine.

The McLaren has 1,036 horsepower, it is gasoline and electric it has a 4.0-liter, V-8 engine with 780+ horsepower for the gas engine and a 300 horsepower electric motor.

The introduction and production of 18 all-new cars will be made by the year 2025. McLaren revealed something called the “Track 25” business plan.

While you will likely never be able to afford one of these, you should check out all the additional features here; hey, it’s fun to pretend.


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The New McLaren