New Overwatch Hero Ashe Causes Uproar


Julie Plummer, Reporter

If you haven’t played Overwatch, you’re missing out in the gaming world. Overwatch is a multiplayer, first-person shooter that involves strategy and skill between your team versus the opposing team.

Blizzard Entertainment has published many games, including Overwatch, available for all consoles, such as Xbox, Windows, and PlayStation.

Already a game with 28 heroes to select from (each having different abilities), Overwatch announced hero 29, including a cinematic to demonstrate the backstory–Elizabeth Caledonia Ashe, or better known as Ashe.

Never before have I seen a newly released hero cause such an uproar in the fanbase.

Ashe is the leader of the “Deadlock Gang” and had been raised from a wealthy family, however she was never satisfied.

In the recent cinematic Blizzard released called “Reunion”, Ashe has a stand-off with another character of the game, gunslinger Jesse McCree, and includes another hero that’s coming to the game later, Echo.

Blizzard’s gaming convention (Blizzcon) released gameplay footage of Ashe that included her abilities, unlike anything we’ve had before.

Her primary weapon is called “The Viper”, a semi-automatic rifle that can aim-down sights for a more precise shot.

Her second gun is the “Coach Gun”, which blasts her enemies with the result of knocking them away and propelling herself backward.

Her “Dynamite” is an added ability–an explosive that detonates and lights enemies on fire, dealing damage over time.

The final ability, her ultimate, is causing the most uproar–B.O.B.

Spreading across the internet for his adorable robot-like figure, B.O.B essentially is a seventh hero on the team–he can be healed and nano-boosted by another character, Ana, and, in return, deals large amounts of damage.

For those who aren’t already aware, I’m a major Overwatch fan.

Although having a slow computer with terrible frames per second and insane amounts of lag, Overwatch is a game that I can’t help but love due to the variety of characters, intriguing graphics, and storylines that pull me in.

For me, I’m very excited about Ashe–I haven’t been this excited about a new hero for a while, and I can see myself playing her in the future once she’s released.

Although the community is excited for her release, they’re also concerned that she won’t be powerful or diverse enough.

The majority of heroes in Overwatch are unbalanced, some underpowered and some overpowered.

When it comes down to diversity, all of the characters featured in Overwatch have all kinds of ethnicities and backgrounds, from cyborg ninjas to characters descended from India or Egypt.

Ashe is Caucasian with a slim body and a similar character model to several other characters, like Mercy and Widowmaker.

The fanbase isn’t happy with this–they’ve been hoping for an African American woman, which the game still doesn’t have. They want the characters as diverse as possible.

Blizzard often releases updates to change the heroes to make them more balanced, whether it be to increase a cool-down time or reduce the health of a shield.

These updates make the game more exciting; however, it still concerns the community that they won’t have as much fun with Ashe as they hope, nor will she be as diverse as the other characters.