TED Ed Club Back for Another Year

Benigna Polanco, Reporter

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Health teacher Ronald Brosse has started up the Technology Entertainment Design (TED) Ed Club for the second year.

TED Ed club is a global school  program for students ages eight-18; the ultimate goal of the club is for students to create their own TED talks.

This is the second year Brosse has advised the club, and so far, he has 11 participants. Last year he started with 20 and ended with three.

Brosse said he stays more behind the scenes, and prefers to let the students have more control.

During meetings they watch TED talks, and review the structure, and presenter.

His overall goal is for there to be a TEDX at our school, and to have a TED Talk conference.

In order for this to happen, Brosse says he would need more people interested. If people outside the club were interested in the TEDX he’d need to get a license from TED.

Brosse started TED Ed club when he discovered it after watching a lot of TED talks.

He decided it would be a good thing to implement here. Brosse said, “I feel public speaking is a dying art.” He says that at some point in your life you’re going to have to stand up and talk, and this is an opportunity to prepare.

To get more students interested, Brosse provided a list of selling points.

Ted Ed Clubs help:

  1. To stimulate and celebrate the creative ideas of students everywhere
  2. To connect students from different backgrounds, cultures, and countries around the world
  3. To provide an online platform dedicated to celebrate student ideas
  4. To support students in developing presentation and public speaking skills, so that their ideas can be more easily seen, understood, and shared
  5. To make a valuable reference point in a resume, college application, or job interview
  6. To work with a generation of problem solvers, critical thinkers and innovators to make the world a better place

Meetings are held in room four. For information on when they happen, check the door of room four or talk to Brosse.