Six Recipes to Spice Up Your Holidays

Jolie Hoppes, Reporter

Making food for the holidays brings families together and certain recipes can become a tradition for years. I’ll give you six new recipes to try this holiday season that are sure to become a family favorite that you’ll love to make year after year!

The first recipe is a twist on regular cranberry sauce. It’s a good addition to any Thanksgiving or Christmas meal.

The recipe is from Striped Spatula and combines the fruity taste of cranberries, apples, and oranges.

If you like the sound of that type of cranberry sauce, then you’ll love this stuffing recipe. The dish combines sweet flavors of apple and cranberry with the traditional taste of stuffing. It even has a fan-favorite meat in it– sausage.

The recipe comes from Wicked Good Food and is very simple and easy to follow.

Another great side dish to have at Thanksgiving–or any other autumn meal–is a yummy mix of butternut squash, brussel sprouts, pumpkin seeds, and cranberries. You can even use pumpkins seeds from your carved pumpkins!

The flavor will make you think of crunching on leaves as you take a walk through the autumn breeze. You can even add maple syrup if you want the mixture sweeter.

This autumn casserole is from Julia’s Album.

Autumn Minestrone Soup can be the perfect fix for the cold or just to impress guests with your cooking.

The creator of the recipe, Janette from Culinary Ginger, suggests to change the recipe according to what vegetables you would like to add to the soup. She, however, puts in carrots, celery, and zucchini, but I would suggest trying some more autumn vegetables, like: turnips, rutabaga, or even pumpkin.

To add flavor she puts in garlic and tops it with Parmesan cheese. Her recipe gives minestrone soup a richer and more seasonal flavor.

After your meal, you’ll probably be ready for dessert! Mom Loves Baking created a recipe that combines the taste of caramel apples and chocolate turtle desserts.

It’s both easy and fun to make; you place a slice of apple on a Popsicle stick, drizzle caramel on it, and sprinkle them with pecans.

Another dessert, by Flour On My Face, is based off of a popular cappuccino flavor– pumpkin spice. Like the apple desserts, these are very fun to make.

They are cake pops made with pumpkin spice cake mix. To complete the cake pops, you use candy melts and frosting.

Spice up your fall with these scrumptious recipes and share them with the special people in your life!