Fall Play

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For the Fall play our school performed 12 Angry Jurors in three performances from November 16-17.

The play was about 12 jurors who must determine whether a 19-year-old boy killed his father or not. Most of the play centers around the fact that some jurors have to convince others of guilt or innocence.

Throughout the play, the jurors were discussing  evidence and bringing in props to support their claims.

The majority of the actors believed that the first act went better than they anticipated. “I think the fall play went very well! We were all very worried in the beginning because our rehearsals weren’t going very well, but we did so much better than we were all expecting,” said freshman AshleeBowers.

The first act was about hearing the case, and all 11 jurors thought he was guilty except one. Juror number eight (junior Curtis Druck) goes on to try to convince the other jurors that he is not guilty.Such as 

“I think the fall play went extremely well compared to how our rehearsals went,” said junior Kaley Gilland.

Act two had so much emotion flowing throughout the play. “Overall, I think the play did have the tension it needed in order to be successful,” said senior Kasey Karoll.

Act two had strong, angry emotions throughout with yelling and screaming even banging on the table. One of the more tense moments in the play was when juror number three (junior Sam Greaves) went to go physically attack another juror.

“We worked really hard to keep the flow of the lines energized and interesting, and I think we did really well with that,” said senior Abby Mooneyhan.

Act three was when they were finalizing their vote for the case. Most of the crew agreed that act three was less action and emotion than the other acts.

“The third act was the one where we need the most help. It took us quite a while, but it went really well because we stayed strong and helped each other when we didn’t know our lines,” said Greaves.

The last act was not much action; it was just to convince the last juror that he is not guilty. “Act 3 was more of a conclusion to the story. It was hard for us to keep the excitement filled atmosphere going to the finish. Overall, the fall play, from my point of view, was the hardest play I’ve ever done, but it was definitely worth it!” Gilland.