General Foods Class Have Grilled Cheese Wars

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General Foods Class Have Grilled Cheese Wars

Michael Zabkowski, Sports-Editor

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On November 2, Family and Consumer Sciences teacher Kimberly Engler’s general foods classes held a Grilled Cheese cook-off.

At the beginning of the marking period, Engler assigned seats at circular tables; these become teams for the semester.

At the start of the grilled cheese cook-off, groups chose a team name and then decided what kind of sandwich to make.

“The Blast” won in second period, “The Willturkado” won in period 5/6, and in ninth period, “The Tourist” won.

The winner in period three, “The Drew Crew” made a grilled cheese with white bread, smoked ham, potatoes, provolone cheese, American cheese, and seasoning.

The other groups in period three “Cheese Grilled”, “Lyanth”, “Grilled Cheese Delight”, and “Four Cheese Delight” also made some interesting grilled cheese sandwiches.

“Cheese Grilled” made a grilled cheese sandwich with white bread, mozzarella cheese, pepper jack, tomato, and ham.

“Lyanth” made one of the spiciest grilled cheese sandwiches with white bread, jalapenos, onions, pepper jack cheese, cheddar cheese, and bacon bits.

Both “Grilled Cheese Delight” and “Four Cheese Delight” made similar grilled cheese sandwiches. The former made a sandwich with white bread, monterey jack and cheddar cheese, sliced tomatoes, ham, lettuce, and basil for seasoning.

“Four Cheese Delight’s” sandwich included white bread, American cheese, sharp cheddar cheese, colby jack cheese, swiss cheese, thin sliced maple ham, and sliced tomatoes.

Looking back at the competition, Engler said, “The first cooking unit my General Foods class does is on snacks, sandwiches, and beverages, so this fits in nicely as a culminating activity, as well as, introducing the beginning of the nutrition unit.”

Not all teams found perfect success, as Engler also mentioned that some sandwiches were burnt or dropped, and therefore, ruined.