Start of the Bowling Team Season

CC Decker, Reporter

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The bowling season has started and there are less opponents this year; therefore, most of the teams they will be playing would be in Lancaster.

This year, there are 20 players on the team, and Coach Joel Logan is excited about the new freshman who have joined the team this year.

Most are starting as developmental players but the learning curve for a sport can be steep and fast for a kid with acumen for the sport,”  Logan said.

Last year’s record was 3-2, and they played five matches as well as two tournaments: the District Qualifier and the Snow Roller tournament.

“We have many returning players who are returning with stronger skill sets than we began with last year. We also have some good talent coming out for the team this year that will make us a stronger competitive force than last season,” Logan said.

The team has two main goals for this year: beating last year’s overall record and getting into various tournaments.

Because bowling is a growing sport in some schools, including our own, there are not a lot of competitors. As a result the team this year will be competing in scholarship tournaments, since there are so few other competitors.

Logan is excited for the opportunity for some students to hopefully win scholarship money and enjoy playing the sport.