Senior Nurses pay a visit

Desi Cook, Reporter

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A total of eight senior nurses from York College paid a visit to educate our Health Careers Club about their future.

In high school you get four years to decide what you’re going to do with your future. So, why not join a club that’s related to your mindset?

Health careers club is a club for those who have an interest in working in nursing or health related jobs.

Nurse June Stratmeyer brought eight senior York College students to speak with the club. This is the second year Stratmeyer has hosted these guest speakers.

There were four concepts that were thoroughly explained at this meeting: stress management, relationships, nutrition, and time management.

The nursing students came up with these topics, because once they attended college, they found these were the areas that mattered the most in order to be successful, according to Stratmeyer.

That brings us to Stress management, one of the most difficult subjects to deal with, especially if a student had anxiety before hand and did not have a coping method.

Relationships were next. In schooling it’s key to maintain a healthy relationship with family, friends, and significant others. On the other hand, unhealthy relationships are something to either stay away from or deal with immediately.

Another topic was nutrition, which is critical to health. Going off to college, you need to take care of yourself, and eating Ramen Noodles every night for dinner does not cut it. Keeping a balanced diet every day affects your wellness in school.

Time management was the last topic the students covered. Overall, in College or any other school, the only person that will be dependable is yourself. No one will be there to remind you or help you with schooling.

“High school is an arranged laid out couple of years, but College is a mixed schedule and more complicated,” said Stratmeyer.

Therefore, procrastinating can be detrimental to your assignments or work; you must remind yourself to proceed your task on a timely basis.

Most students found these key terms useful during the presentations.