How to start the New Year in a better and healthier way?

Viktoria Panayotova, Reporter

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It’s New Years again. This is the time of the year that people start feeling as if they can start over and change their whole lives.

Forget about all the New Year’s resolutions and the ‘new year, new me’ stuff. That never happens.

The most common scenario is that people begin their new year very motivated and ambitious working towards achieving their lofty goals.

Then the scenario can be separated in two paths. Some people get so overwhelmed with their goals that they forget about taking care of themselves and spending time with the important people in their lives; or others lose their motivation by the end of January.

This is probably because the “new me” mentality involves making radical changes in a lot of areas of your life. As a result, it is a common thing that by the end of January/February people find themselves in a dark place.

That’s because they lose their path of ambition and motivation and at the same time stop taking care of themselves because they are too focused on their goals.

Of course, this is different for everybody. This article will show you not how to come up with New Year’s resolutions but simply how to have a better and healthier start of the year by making some small changes that are easy to fulfill.

Sometimes, it’s easy to think of goals but what about actually achieving them? If you have struggles in organization and planning, setting your goals and the steps that you will follow to make them a reality on an actual calendar will make you feel more responsible, inspired, and obliged to start taking action towards them.

Creating traditions for special days like your birthday or reaching small goals is an amazing way to learn how to spend more time with yourself. For example, on your birthday buy a new plant or go on a walk on your own-it is a small tradition but it makes the day more special for you.

Another way to help you stay on track this new year is to just take a look at your physical environment. Having an unorganized desk or a messy room can make you feel distracted and unproductive. By spending five minutes a day organizing what is out of order will help you stay focused on your work and goals.

For example, there is a “one minute rule” for cleaning, and it’s simple. If something takes you less than one minute to complete, do it right away. Don’t procrastinate small things like that, because doing them will feel like accomplishments.

Another way to take care of yourself is by taking care of something else; buy a plant. This may sound silly, but in this way, not only are you helping the environment, but you will also have fresh air in your space and something to take care of. Sometimes, little things like that can change your view of things.

This may sound basic but implementing physical activities in your life can help you a lot. It can boost your mood, help your mental state, and of course get you in better shape.

Easy ways to implement more physical activities in your everyday lives is to start different challenges that you will actually enjoy doing. For example, doing a 30 day yoga challenge may be fun and also helpful for your physical and mental health.

Everyone is going to say that they don’t have time for working-out and they are too busy. But there are other easy ways that you can be active in your everyday lives.

For example, take the stairs and not the elevator or escalator, try to walk more, or even if you decide to watch TV do something like active-walk around the room, stand on one foot, etc.

Of course, taking a television break is a way that is actually connected with the topic of personal time. People don’t realise how much time they are spending watching TV or on their phones. According to a study, an American adult smartphone users spend an average of 73.8 hours a month on apps, which comes to a little under two hours, 30 minutes a day.

How often do you actually spend time alone with your mind and just think? How often do you go on a walk on your own or read a book?

By doing this, we will reach another important tip–spending time with family and friends. Try to talk with them every other day, check on them and care about them. You will get the same thing from them.

If 2018 was hard and emotional for you, maybe try following some of these tips.

Realize what is actually important to you and spend more time doing it or working for it.

Make 2019 a year where you don’t forget to take care of yourself. You are the most important person in this life and you will be with yourself until the end.

Find the happiness.