Alumni Ian Ross Hosts Rockin’ Radio Station


Autumn Smith, Editor in Chief

2017 Alumni Ian Ross began a radio show that runs on Friday nights at 9:00 p.m. through his school, Kutztown University. The show is called Late Night Jukebox and covers Rock and Roll.

You can check out Late Night Jukebox here.

Upon entering college, Ross hadn’t declared a major, but he eventually declared Cinema, Television, and Media Production with a focus in Broadcasting.

Ross is a sophomore in his second semester of college and decided to start a radio show with Kutztown University Radio (KUR) because he had interest in the field, and he had support from his family.

The show is about the evolution of Rock and Roll from the 1950s to its, according to Ross, peak in the 1980s.

“I started the show for two reasons: it was always something I was interested in and it was to honor the memory of my [grandfather] who worked with [Hertz-Armstrong-Marconi] Radios,” said Ross.

However, the process of starting a show wasn’t easy. “To get your own show, you first had to be a member of KUR, which involves showing up to all meetings and helping out at events hosted by the club.

“From there, you had to shadow at least three different Radio shows that are aired on KUR. After that, you have to do an Air Check, which is a short pre-recorded prototype of your show. You send your Aircheck to the advisor of the Station, Mike Regensberger, where he grades it, and if you pass, you sign a few papers and then you officially have a show,” said Ross.

At time of publication, Ross had hosted one show, which aired on January 25.

He thoroughly enjoyed his first show, “One of the main things I enjoyed about my first show was just the fact that I had so much fun doing it, all the way from talking on air to playing really great classic rock,” said Ross.

He currently plans on pursuing a career in radio.

“My advice [to those interested in Radio as a career] would be to just have fun with it. If you have a music show, play music that you enjoy listening to on a daily basis. If you have a talk show, talk about something that is genuinely interesting to you.

“Radio is not just sitting down at a mic in a studio and just talking to a wall. Radio is sharing what you like with people who are willing to listen to what you have to say,” said Ross.

His future plans for the show include more music, good times, and perhaps a special introduction.

“Future plans for the show are generally adding more music to the repertoire and giving the show more fluff, i.e. recording an opening for the show, finding more suitable Bed music, etc,” said Ross.

Ross is also willing to branch out past just his passion: radio.

“I do have an interest in Podcasts. One idea I’ve had recently is recording a Dungeons and Dragons campaign and making it a podcast called Adventures Abound,” said Ross.