The Mueller Probe

Adam Steiner, Reporter

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been investigating President Donald Trump since May 2017, and here is everything that you need to know.

Deputy Attorney General, then acting Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, ordered an investigation into President Trump with regard to possible collusion with the Russian government; this investigation was made following Trump’s firing of the now former Director of the Federal Borough of Investigation (FBI) James Comey.

The investigation came after President Trump asked Comey to suspend his investigation into possible Russian meddling in the 2016 election, specifically into former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

Comey reportedly shot down this request, and then supposedly requested additional resources from the Department of Justice (DOJ).

On May 9, it came out that federal subpoenas had been issued for a few people related to Flynn, and a few hours later, President Trump fired Comey, citing previous recommendations from the now former Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Following this incident, Rosenstein then made the decision to bring Mueller into the case and put him in charge of investigating any possible Russian tampering with the 2016 election.

Within one month, Mueller increased the scope of the probe to begin investigating a possible obstruction of justice by President Trump.

By October of the same year, Mueller indicted, among other people, Flynn, and previous Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort.

Mueller brought Flynn up on charges of perjury, while Manafort faced much more serious crimes, including but not limited to conspiracy against the United States of America.

Following this, Mueller continued his job of seeking evidence to prosecute everyone brought up on charges, but fired no more charges against any Americans.

Although, during the beginning of 2018, Mueller did indict 13 Russian citizens, and three other people who had ties to the Russian government for “violating criminal laws to interfere with the U.S. election.”

During the course of 2018, the Southern District of New York brought former Trump attorney Michael Cohen up on charges that included tax fraud and campaign finance violations.

Shortly thereafter, Mueller brought up a charge of lying to Congress against Cohen, due to the fact that he extensively lied about his role in the overseeing of the building of a Trump Tower in Moscow.

The most recent event to take place is the Mueller indictment against Trump associate Roger Stone. Mueller placed charges against Stone that included, but was not limited to, obstruction of justice and witness tampering to the ongoing investigation.

Currently, the court system has found everyone that Mueller indicted guilty, save for Stone who is currently undergoing trial.

Ultimately, in my opinion, the fact is that there are two possible things going on. The first is that the Trump administration worked closely with the Russian’s to win the 2016 presidential election.

This would include the purposeful hacking of the Democratic National Committee email and subsequent leak, which severely wounded the Clinton campaign.

The second option is that a Joseph McCarthy era political witch hunt is taking place underneath our own noses. This investigation seems to be moving very quickly for the amount of people that have been arrested, especially since they are all so high profile.

It is important to remember that the purpose of investigating things is to find the truth; however, if you look too hard, you will often times find connections that aren’t there. Especially when the stakes are so high– and political.