Here’s Why You Should Be Involved in Politics

Adam Steiner, Reporter

It is as important now as always to be involved in the political proceedings around you, especially in these rocky and unstable times in the American political theatre.

America is facing a new political revolution that it has never experienced on such a magnitude as now; that is to say the division of political parties and the redrawing of political boundaries en masse.

These unstable and revolutionary times means that great changes can be enacted by anyone with a voice who is willing to use it. The establishment is on its way out (don’t let the door hit you, bye!), which means that there is plenty of room for new ideas to take root and spread.

This is why now is the time to start becoming politically active. All ideas are open for discussion; America obviously has a problem with the current political system, and we should be exploring all possible ways to correct it.

Especially with the technology that exists today, becoming politically involved is no longer something that is extremely difficult to do, and there are a number of ways to do it.

One way is to just stay informed, and honestly, it is probably the most important of the ways to become politically active.

If you keep yourself informed just by looking up the news once a day when you wake up or before bed, you educate yourself. When you’ve educated yourself, you allow yourself to participate in the conversations around you.

That being said, make sure that you read a variety of sources to ensure that you are understanding all viewpoints on a given subject, especially since unbiased news reporting has gone out of the window.

Another way to get involved is to sign up for political events that occur around you. Most small and major cities have marches or political meetings like town halls going on each month– find one and participate!

All local municipalities have their meeting dates posted on their websites or in the actual township buildings.

School board elections generally take place every three to four years, consider running!

Local politics are a great way to start getting involved in the political world. They allow you to get into the nitty-gritty of working with your constituents and you can see the real and meaningful changes that your decisions have on people.   

Another benefit of local politics is that to be involved won’t necessarily eat up a lot of your time. Some only meet once a month.

All in all, the importance of participation in politics does not ever decrease; however, in our current time period, the effects that we can have on society are magnified due to the fact that the system is becoming open for change.

Therefore, I implore you to consider becoming politically involved in the world around you, whether it just be educating yourself or running for office; you never know what opportunities may arise.