Top Ten Fall Songs

Sophie Castro, Editor

Fall is almost upon us and as students retire their tank tops for sweaters, and their free time for homework, everyone could use some new relaxing music to help unwind from the long days at school.  

To start this top ten fall playlist, in no particular order, is Radical Face’s “Welcome Home, Son”.  This song opens with the recording of a gust of wind and with it brings all of the emotions of fall. From the mellow music to the whispery lyrics, this song is perfect for a stroll under the rustling autumn leaves.

Speaking of autumn leaves, Ed Sheeren’s track “Autumn Leaves” is a perfect song to help students get into the fall mood. With a soft melody and uncomplicated chords, Sheeren explores the beauty of simplicity through his quiet lyrics.

 A similarly beautiful song is Layup’s “Side by Side”. It offers a more upbeat tune while still staying consistent with Autumn’s calm tone. A folksy song, “Side by Side” is a great tune for fall romances, accompanied with a variety of creative instruments, the song describes the singer’s journey back to their love.

Exploring the opposite side of the same coin, Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love” tells the story of a failing relationship. Accompanied with the charming acoustics of the guitar, and Iver’s haunting voice, this song is fantastic for unwinding after a long day.

Another song perfect for a cozy day indoors, escaping the autumn chill, is The Lumineers “Flapper Girl”. With it’s piano driven-melody and story-telling lyrics, this song gives the feel of an old time saloon–perfect for listening to while relaxing with a pumpkin spice latte.

While these songs are good for snuggling inside, the Strumbellas’ “Diane” is a great song to listen to while jumping in leaf piles and going pumpkin picking with the family. With instrumental contributions made from the banjo, the violin, and the piano, “Diane” is a slower song which  provides a great backdrop for fun fall activities.

Though “Diane” is a fun song for family activities, The Smiths’ “Asleep” is a song that sets the mood for the more contemplative side of fall. With simple, yet strong lyrics, and the recording of howling wind underscoring the dark keys of the piano, “Asleep” helps to create a mood more closely associated with the philosophical side of fall. As leaves start falling off trees “Asleep”, would be the perfect song to listen to while contemplating the circle of life.

A happier song, Daniala Andrade’s “Any Other Way” is a great song to listen to while doing homework or even just walking through the school halls. With her sweet voice, Andrade sings of a budding relationship that brings warmth to autumn chill.

Any fall playlist would not be complete without Ray Lamontagne’s song “Be Here Now”. The warm, strumming guitar and Lamontagne’s whispery voice, this song’s soft melody perfectly captures the peacefulness of fall.

The final song on this top ten fall songs playlist is The Head and The Heart’s “Down in the Valley.” This indie song is perfect for fall road trips with friends. While starting off soft, the strength of the music increases as the tone becomes more upbeat, creating a fun experience for anyone listening.