Horror seeking guide, FOS


EmiLee Doniecki, Editor

If you are a thrill seeker looking for a good scare, then Field of Screams has four new attractions to scare your socks off!

The new attractions are the Haunted Hayride, Den of Darkness, Nocturnal Wasteland, and Asylum.

If you would like to visit all four attractions, it will cost you $40, but you get to choose if you want to just go on three or two of your choice which is 33-30 dollars. Can’t wait to get your scare on? You can pay $15 more to skip the lines. 

This could get a bit pricey, so is it worth it?

The Haunted Hayride differs from the other new attractions, because you get to sit down, and the monsters come to you unlike the houses.

My favorite part of this attraction was probably the scientist and the prisoners escaping. I actually was staring at one, and it was very hard to tell which were people and which were props. Since I couldn’t tell, when they moved it was far more frightening.

When the lights were flashing and sirens were going off (in order to disorient you), the actors quickly slipped out by a door behind the cage. Before you knew it, the operator threw on the lights, and you were being jump scared by you focusing on the light and noises.

I think my least favorite part is the redneck scene, because it was not that scary. The people did any scary costume they were dressed up in overalls with no makeup on, and there was just a shotgun being shot at us.

The asylum was very dark, so that made it very difficult to navigate, but it wasn’t that terrifying in the beginning. Initially, you’re just walking among girls with gore-ish makeup on just asking to take your eyes for their experiments.

My favorite part of this attraction was the mannequin room it; it was the scariest of the whole asylum. Because there were so mannequins in one place, you couldn’t avoid brushing past them. The unknown of whether they were real or fake was really frightening, because I didn’t know if one of them was going to touch me. Be prepared, they do! The frightening part is the actor goes right back to frozen mannequin pose, so you cannot tell who or what it was.

My least favorite part was going through an inflatable tunnel that was very tight. It’s was just uncomfortable because it was too tight and very dark ; additionally, it took me awhile to realize that we had to go through it. This will inevitably cause a hold up in the line.

The Den of Darkness wasn’t scary. While I liked the morgue and a cage which would cast sparks due to a power tool on the bars, it was otherwise fairly boring. 

My least favorite part was the vintage room; here, there were actors dressed up as zombies in vintage clothing, but they really didn’t do anything to scare you. Just standing around that isn’t frightening or entertaining.

Nocturnal Wasteland was definitely my favorite. It basically an old junkyard, but you knew where to go, unlike the houses because there were fences and pathways.

My favorite part was the laser, fog pool. Although there were not any jump scares or any actors, it was such a cool part because it seemed like you were swimming but you couldn’t see your feet because of the fog.

My least favorite was when you are stuck in a room with chains and hanging bodies while a girl screams about how he’s going to kill her.  it just wasn’t scary because the didn’t try to scare you.

All of the attractions were scary, but if you want to save money and time, then the top two that  you have to go on are the Haunted Hayride and the Nocturnal Wasteland. 

The houses are a give or take. You will feel very confined and rushed along, because there are people behind you. It was also very dark and stuffy inside the houses, while the Hayride and Wasteland activities were very spacious.

Spending the extra $15 to skip the lines is very crucial. Everyone wants to go on the Hayride, and during a busy evening like a Friday or Saturday, there are bound to be long lines. I’d say skipping those lines is well worth the money.