Senior Skip Day

Micah Partee, Journalist

The infamous tradition of ‘Senior Skip Day’ is well-known throughout high schools across the world. For those not aware, senior skip day is a chosen date, where the majority of the senior class decides not to attend school. It has even reached our very own school, whether students claim their absence to this phenomenon or not.

Teachers hate it, students look forward to it; Senior Skip Day is a huge deal.

History teacher Scott Vojcsik, who teaches a class of nine seniors and had only one present, said, “I understand why seniors feel that they need to participate in this activity. I don’t appreciate it as a teacher, because it is a ‘lost’ day if you have seniors that participate. I rewarded my seniors that came to my class.”

While he dislikes it, Vocjsik acknowledged that the day has been around as long as he can remember.

While most students look forward to this day, there are seniors who disagree. Senior Eric Koffenburger, who skipped the skip day, said, “[Senior skip day is] pointless really, and it’s not like the teachers hold work. You fall back a day on work.”

This is true, although it sounds great to just skip a day out of your normal routine and partake in a day of fun with your friends, this day is not excused, and you will still be expected to complete your missed work.

Others believe Senior Skip Day is a day that they have earned through years of hard work and commitment to the school. In fact, senior Alexander “AJ” Sharp believes, “There should be many [skip days]. Going to school for 180+ days is ridiculous.”

Sharp’s fondness of this day was echoed throughout the majority of the senior class. There are other reasons seniors take part in this tradition. Senior Maria Schneider said, “I think it’s a really good way to make our class more unified. I know that for me, personally, I hung out with people I wouldn’t have otherwise interacted with.

Most seniors set up activities such as laser tag and bowling, which can push different students to interact and become closer–helping to build lifelong friendships, while letting you forget the struggles of everyday life as a high schooler.

While the origin of Skip Day isn’t known for sure, Wikipedia states the practice has been documented as far back as the 1930’s with differing names such as: Senior Ditch Day, just Ditch day, Senior Cut day, and just Cut Day.