The Show Must Go On

Morgan Smith, Reporter

The drama club will be putting on the play “I Don’t Want to Talk About It,” this November 20 and 21.

Directors Barbara Peterson and James Craley held auditions on October 14. Anyone in grades nine through twelve had the opportunity to try out; directors held the auditions in room 172 directly after school at 2:45 p.m.

Anyone in high school had the ability to audition, regardless of their learning platform. The expectation is that all students attend practices on time–despite whether a student is hybrid or virtual. 

The play “I Don’t Want to Talk About It” is about the struggles of being a teenager and how few ever want to talk about it. This play touches on topics such as bullying, rumors, suicide, and how parents just don’t understand.  

Peterson and Craley did have some difficulties for this year’s show. Peterson said, “Choosing a play this year has been very challenging. We were looking for a play with one set or no set, a small cast that could be socially distanced, simple costuming and the ability to move to a virtual or livestream platform if the necessity should arise.” 

These decisions were based on guidance from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the district and the director’s personal choices.

Although the audition forms say the cast can be up to 32 cast members, 32 isn’t necessarily needed. The cast can be as small as five people–the cast members take over many different parts.  

Despite COVID-19, the show must go on. The play will be held in the auditorium like it has in the past. Uniquely this year, the performance will be livestreamed as well. Those who don’t feel comfortable viewing inside the building have the opportunity to watch from home.  

Shows will be on the 20 of November as well as two shows on the 21 of November. Ticket sales will occur for the live show and for the link to the livestream feed.

Practice dates are listed on the bulletin board across from room 172. Practices will be held in person after school from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. unless it is needed to be moved virtually. 

Students are eager to get working on the show and be back with their past crewmates and friends. Senior Leah Pavey said, “I love being a part of the cast because over the years these people have become like a family to me. We have all been through so much together and have still managed to do another show.” 

Another cast member, senior Kaley Gilland said, “I love the family that fall play brings every year. Usually it is a smaller, more select cast for the plays, which is awesome because then you get to know your castmates really well.” Both seniors seem very eager to work together for their final fall play performance. 

In past years, Peterson and Craley took the Fall Play  and cast has been taken to Thespian Conference; this year, however, that is not the case. The PA Thespian Conference has been canceled this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They will be holding the conference online this year through a combination of live and pre-recorded classes and performances. Thespian society, a national honor society for theater students, hosts the PA Thespian Conference. Fall play will have no association with Thespian Conference this year. Last year’s spring musical “Seussical,” may be sent in since they are accepting video submissions. 

For those curious about this year’s musical, a show has yet to be selected. The musical will have to follow the same criteria as the fall play is, meaning this year’s show won’t be as elaborate as usual. Craley said, “We will definitely be having a musical.”