Winter Crafts for Pandemic Isolation

Erica Grimes, Reporter

During the holiday season this year, Governor Tom Wolfe and medical professions recommend that everyone stay inside in order to stop the spread of the disease and protect our loved ones. But, being cooped up can be pretty boring, so you could keep yourself busy by doing a holiday craft.  

During quarantine there are many different things you could experiment crafting with.  The holiday season brings forth many ideas such as homemade ornaments, wreaths, etc.

“Crafting is what keeps me busy during times where I’m stuck at home like this,” said Kelly Carter, parent and lifelong crafter.

A really fun craft idea you could try is a salt dough ornament; these ornaments do not take many ingredients and take minimal effort.  This would be a great idea for kids, toddlers, or adults.  After you’re done making your imprint you can paint any cute, little design on them before gifting them to family and friends!

“I liked doing these with each of my grandkids when they were about three; it’s fun to see how much they have grown.  I’ve seen friends of mine do this recipe, but put their foot in and put them in their garden as little stepping stones,” said community member Leslie Grimes.

You can try this craft here

Another fun, winter craft is button snowflakes.  Snowflakes are a staple for wintertime.

Everyone at some point in their life has made a paper snowflake; this is a little similar.  You only need four things, and it is really simple.  This craft is great for any age, and it only takes the ability to glue.

“I liked doing this with my kid, he loved to paint it afterwards.  We made a small hole at the top and put ribbon through it, then used it as an ornament,” says Carter.

You can find this craft here

This mason jar snow globe craft is really neat and good for students and adults.  This would be good to put out for decoration or to play with.  It’s pretty simple, but aimed more so for adults because of the difficulty level.  You need about seven things.  This craft will take you about 20-30 minutes, but it will be worth it in the end.

“I loved doing this with my family, it was really fun, and we bonded a lot.  They are so cute and fun to put around the house.  My little grandson loves to shake them,” said Grimes.

You can find this craft here

This simple paper roll snowman is easy for any age.  It’s very simple and takes very little time or skill.  All you need is about four or five things, and all you need to do is cut and glue.  It’s very simple and would be a great idea to do with little kids, babysitting, or with family.

You can find the craft here