Top 10 Spanish Songs to Jam Out To During Quarantine

Livi Foraker, Reporter

Quarantine. The epitome of all good and bad things that can be associated with 2020. But what if you’re tired of doing the same workout routines every morning, making the same breakfast, and listening to the same music? Look no further. 

Below is a list of the best Spanish songs, not ranked from best to worst as this is a sheer impossibility! Listen to these and spice up your quarantine routine! 

“Beso” by CNCO

“A Dóndé Van” by Sebastian Yatra and Álvaro Díaz

“El Oso Del Dinero” by Ozuna ~ ENOC

“Pena” by Yashua ~ 777

“Medallo City” by Maluma ~ Papí Juancho

“Mala Santa” by Becky G ~ Mala Santa

“De Cero” by CNCO ~ Qué Quienes Somos

“Sigo a lo Mio” by Abraham Mateo ~ Sigo a lo Mio

“Ya Tú Sabes” by CNCO ~ Qué Quienes Somos

“High” Remix by Maria Becerra, Lola Indigo, and TINI 

“Beso” / “Kiss”

Vamo’ a darno’ beso’, beso’, beso’

Que pa’ eso se hicieron las boca’

Antes decíamo’ “esto no se toca” (no oh oh)

Y ahora míranos aquí sin ropa

With its heavy reggaeton influences and infectious melodies, this recent single by Latin boyband CNCO (Christopher Veléz[Ecuador], Erick Brian Colón[Cuba], Zabdiel de Jesús[Puerto Rico], Joel Pimentel[Mexican-American], and Richard Camacho[Dominican Republic]) has made it impossible to sit still when it’s blasting on the radio. Need to dance and get out all that pent-up energy? This is definitely a song that you’ll want to listen to ASAP!


“A Dónde Van” / “Where’d They Go” 

¿A dónde van

A parar los besos cuando se dan?

Los te quiero que no supiste aceptar

Y las miradas que no devolviste más, intento averiguar

Popular reggaeton artists Sebastián Yatra and Álvaro Díaz recently dropped this bop with edgy chord progressions and synthetic drum accents. The Puerto Rican and Colombian natives teamed up to create a song that’ll lighten the mood — no matter how dour — and unite the (socially distanced) crowd with its perfectly balanced melodies. 


“El Oso Del Dinero” / “The Money Bear” 

Aquí arriba no llegan (no llegan)

Tú sabes que aquí es real

Mere, cabrón, no me venga a frontear

Preguntarle al banquero, son tres melones semanal (yeah, yeah)

Reggaeton artist and rapper Ozuna gained a majority of his fame in 2016, and this song, from his latest album ENOC, proves he is worthy of that. With a hardcore beat and steady flow, this rap song is sure to pump up your confidence wherever you go, no matter the day, weather, or mood. 


“Pena” / “Shame”

Pena, la verdad es que me da pena

Que ahora tengas otro amante

Dime algo, dame un chance

De tenerte como antes

After gaining his fame from participating in reality TV show La Banda alongside his brother Richard Camacho (CNCO), Yashua released his debut album 777 in 2018. Pena”includes a heavy synth influence and a chill progression, with a few snippets of English lyricism. Feel the need to induce a Michael Jackson kinda vibe? This is the song for you!


“Medallo City” / “Medallo City”

Música de la lleca

De Medellín pa’ todo el planeta

Para que sepan cómo es la tavuel

Vengo de tefren con todo el power

Colombian artist Maluma has been around for a few years now, but his recent album Papí Juancho is undoubtedly one of his best. One of the hits “Medallo City is a chill song with a laxed reggaeton beat and perfectly matched vocals. This song is great for listening to anywhere — be it in your home or the car. 


“Mala Santa” / “Bad Saint”

No soy ni mala ni santa

Tráeme alcohol pa’ que se moje la garganta

Una como yo a ti te hace falta

Calladita pero a veces soy mala

Empiezo y no quiero parar

Ever since her debut in 2013, this Mexican-American artist has proven worthy of her huge fanbase, through such songs as “Mala Santa”. A steady reggaeton beat and exaggerated orchestral/synth textures make this song a hit that everybody–Spanish-speaking or not–should listen to. A must-have on your quarantine playlist! 


“De Cero” / “Start Over”

Y de cero emezamos

Otro chance nos damos los dos

Mejor dejemos la estupidez (Oh)

Que el amor llega solo una vez

With its sweet Spanglish lyricism promising better luck and a proposition to start over, De Cero certainly has a lot going for it. Including a reggaeton beat, creative harmonies, and a kettle-drum-ish kind of layer, it creates an effect similar to “Beso”. You just can’t stop dancing! CNCO sure knows their stuff!


“Sigo a lo Mio” / “I Go By My Own”

Me intentaron tumbar, yo sigo a lo mío

Me quisieron pisotear y yo sigo a lo mío

No quieren verme progresar pero sigo a lo mío

Y a pesar de tanta mierda ya lo he conseguío’

No, nadie podrá silenciar mi voz

A pesar de todo, yo nunca estuve solo (estuve solo)

Beginning with an orchestral canon and soon adding the effects of a ringing church bell, “Sigo A Lo Mio” by budding reggaeton artist Abraham Mateo is certainly a song built to create a vibe of independence and confidence. This will definitely be favorite of mine for many years to come!


“Ya Tú Sabes” / “You Already Know”

El que no la debe, no la teme

Revísame el cel si tú quieres

El que no la debe, no la teme

Revísame el cel si tú quieres

Baby, ya tú sabes

Ya tú sabes

Te doy el fin de semana el celular sin clave

Baby, ya tú sabes

Ay, ya tú sabes

Te doy el fin de semana el celular sin clave

The fifth track on CNCO’s EP album Que Quiénes Somos, alongside De Cero and others, “Ya Tú Sabes” provides a sassy approach to describing false accusations in a relationship. Te doy el fin de semana el celular sin clave, or “I’ll leave you my phone on the weekend without a password” is something many people will not do for their significant others, but apparently, CNCO will! You will find the urban-pop track to be as addictive as the rest of the album! 


“High” / (no translation)

Porque por más que ande high, lloro por la night

Nadie sе acerca y mira bien de cеrca mis eyes

Perdonando lies, sintiéndome die

Aunque esta mierda me haga tocar el sky, mmm-mmm-mmm

Partnered with TINI and Lola Indigo for a creative spin on her single, Maria Becerra and the other Spanish female powerhouses created a song that touches upon more than one genre of influence. They combined pop, rap, and reggaeton together for a refreshing heartbreak song. Need a change from the monotonous music world? Listen to this song for a fresh spin on Latin pop!


Well, there ya have it, guys! Whether you are a Spanish, English, or Spanglish speaker like me, these songs are sure to boost your mood and get the one-man(or woman)-party started!