A Second Quarantine Might Be Around The Corner

Here are some ides to keep you occupied, this time!

Cece Decker, Reporter

Quarantine life is the worst, trust me, we all have lived through it sadly, like seriously who takes all the toilet paper? 

This whole COVID-19 thing has hit all of us like a train; we were not ready for it and quite frankly, we still aren’t. But one thing we know for sure; we’re done with it!

When COVID-19 hit, we all were debating if it was going to stay or even if it was real, but newsflash! It is very much real, and it stinks especially when we are all stuck inside for three months, which felt like years. 

Whether we want to admit it not, there’s likely going to be a second quarantine. I mean, this wave is supposedly far worse than last spring. And while this is going to be terrible, we can at least be prepared this time!

Here is how to survive the next quarantine: 

Step one is don’t allow yourself to get bored. Find something to do, whether it would be outside of your house or inside. Quarantine is the perfect time to do some spring cleaning, like you know the room you haven’t cleaned since the last quarantine. 

Or, before we’re all locked inside, go get some paint and be prepared to overhaul that room in your favorite new covid-19 black, perhaps?

Step two, now that you are stuck inside with your parents, why don’t you have some family time? Break out the old board games and clean off the table. Go play some games with your family without getting mad and flipping over the table, or do it’s not my house. 

Want some suggestions on fun games to try? How about PandemicHits a little too close to home? Okay, maybe you’d like to try the number one game of 2020; that would be Wingspan

Still not interested? How about the oldie but goodie, classic, nerd game Dungeons and Dragons?

Want something more involved? You could try one of those monthly murder mystery experiences, like Hunt a Killer. Yes, I said monthly subscriptions, and that’s because we’re going to be locked away for months; we might as well have something to look forward to!

Step three, ditch the junk food and start eating healthy. That’s right, ditch the junk food in your room and start cooking. Studies have shown that during the spring quarantine people started to eat healthy and have been cooking home cooked meals. Okay, so going to restaurants wasn’t an alternative, but hey, homemade is better for you and a life skill you should at least learn! 

Step four is exercise. Yes, the thing you have wanted to do for years and you never got the time to do it; now you can, all thanks to a disease! Since you can’t really go anywhere and the gyms are closed, get creative and lift some milk jugs or practice running away from zombies in preparation for the zombie apocalypse which is clearly right around the corner of 2020. . 

Step five, find a hobby. No, making TikToks is not a hobby, nice try, but seriously, there are many cool things out there that you can try and do. You can do a lot of cool things out there in the world to do like collecting rocks! No, not for you? Fine, I tried; don’t say I’m not nice. 

Studies have shown that more and more people have been finding something new to do over quarantine and they are loving it so much they are continuing it even after lockdown. 

Let’s face it, we all stink at the quarantine lifestyle, and I think we will never get used to it, but, we can be prepared this time around.