Practicing Safe Holiday Gatherings

Morgan Smith, Reporter

This year the COVID-19 virus has affected everyone worldwide in many ways. Although it’s not clear how the virus started or when it’ll end, it is clear that adapting has been tricky for everyone. 

As the holidays are in full force, case numbers as well as number of deaths continue to climb higher everyday. Professionals predict that we aren’t at the peak of the second wave, yet. With so many individuals neglecting the protocols the Center for Disease Control (CDC) instituted, I do agree that the worst is yet to come. 

With major holidays remaining for this year, many people will be traveling, gathering and spreading. 

Many stores have tried to decrease the spread this holiday season by only offering online shopping and cutting back store hours. Many stores also shut down for Black Friday this year. 

By following guidelines that the CDC set, we could have a safe and healthy holiday and help stop the spread of COVID-19. People just neglect simple things that could help save thousands of lives and restore life to being somewhat normal. 

During Thanksgiving there was a clear spike in case numbers. It can be assumed that the spike was from people traveling and spending time close together indoors. 

Although I do understand wanting to travel and visit with everyone, especially during the holidays, it would overall be safer to stay distanced from everyone or stay home. These holidays will definitely be different from the past, but there are ways we could safely spend the holidays together. 

If you would still want to travel to visit others, there are ways you safely could. For example, you and your family could get a COVID-19 test. And while you’re at your holiday location, you could remain socially distanced and wear a mask when possible. 

If you choose to not travel and stay home, but want some interaction with your family during this time, your family could possibly set up a call with platforms such as Zoom, Facebook Portal or other video calling apps. You could all still interact in some way and spend “time together” on holiday mornings or special meals.

A fun holiday activity that you could do is watch a movie together. Many streaming platforms such as Disney+ have created a way to watch movies and shows together. The platforms even offer a chat box so everyone can “talk” during the movie. 

Another fun activity that could be fun to do on video call apps could be holiday crafts. For example, baking cookies together or making ornaments.

Rather than being selfish and complaining about what you can’t do, be thankful that there are other options. Many families this year will be without members on the holidays. Nurses and doctors are still working full time to help fight against this virus. 

This holiday season and moving forward into other potential gatherings, will be tricky to get through, but there can be ways around it safely. By trying one of these ideas you and your family could enjoy a safe and happy holiday. By being safe we can do our part in fighting against COVID-19.