Why Students Need Gym Class

Sarah Gross, Reporter

Students may not know how important gym class really is for them and their overall health. The class gets pushed to the side amongst other classes like honors or Advanced Placement (AP) classes. 

There are a variety of reasons a student may overlook the importance of gym. Some may say that there are other classes necessary to prepare them for college. Others might struggle with their personal athletic abilities and not have the skills to want to participate in these classes. 

However, gym class has been found to provide many benefits to kids.

Studies show that gym class gets students more active outside of school. According to Phitworld, kids who take gym class are three to four times more likely to be active outside of school. The class gives them the basics to exercise, and they take that and use it outside of school.

One more reason that kids need to take a gym class is the class provides kids with exercise on a constant basis. According to Livestrong, the class gets the heart rate up and pulse and increases their metabolism. Some kids would not exercise if it were not for gym class. 

These classes are often the only ones that engage a child’s mind and body. USA Today said that gym class promotes a child’s physical and emotional health and helps kids learn better. 

The class can even have a benefit for kids in their other classes. Gym class has been found to help kids focus later on in other classes. According to Inquirer.com, studies confirm that students who are in a gym class were found to perform better on tests and were able to recall information better.

Gym class can also help kids socially. In some games kids have to work together and use teamwork. All of this helps them be social and communicate and work with other kids. 

A plausible solution to kids needing a gym class would be for kids to take a gym class everyday for the whole school year. This would be instead of the requirements right now that students just have to take a gym class for half the year.

Having kids take a gym class everyday, all year would give kids the exercise they need while also helping kids develop socially and build teamwork.

If kids were to take a gym class everyday, students’ grades could be better and test scores could also increase. The class overall has many benefits for students both academically and socially as well as the many benefits to their health.