Highlighting Senior Athletes

Morgan Smith, Reporter

Although this school year has been plenty awkward since September, the spring sports season is fast approaching. These seniors endured a weird final fall season, so know what to expect with their spring season. Our school offers many spring sports including baseball, lacrosse, and track and field. The athletes of the class of 2021 all seem eager to get their final spring sports season started. 

As a high school athlete, Jenna Crosby has been in softball, field hockey and lacrosse. This upcoming spring season, Crosby is looking forward to playing lacrosse, “Honestly, I am looking forward to just having a season since we didn’t have one last year.” After graduating, Crosby has committed to playing field hockey at Albright College, and she considers it one of her greatest achievements. Throughout her sporting career, one of her favorite memories is playing with her best friends each year of high school. 

Mikayla Hostler has played many sports over the years, but for her senior year, she has stuck with soccer, basketball, and lacrosse in the spring season. Hostler is looking forward to having a lacrosse season this year with her favorite teammates since that was canceled last year. After high school, Hostler has committed to playing for the Bloomsburg women’s lacrosse team. Through all of her years, Hostler has a clear favorite memory, “My favorite memory out of all my years playing HS sports is going to States with the lacrosse team. I was so lucky to be able to play with such talented girls. The class above me were all great teammates and really helped me improve my confidence on the lacrosse field, I will always remember that season with them!”

Many of our sports seniors  have enjoyed their time as Ram’s athletes over the past four years. With one final season left in their high school career, they seem determined to make it their best. 

Basketball team captain Pierce Ragland is looking forward to the baseball season. After graduating, he hopes to join a men’s basketball league or just play for fun. One of Ragland’s favorite memories from his time as a student athlete is this year’s basketball season. “I love my coaches and my teammates, we are all close and just every time we play we have so much fun. Can’t wait to play some games,” he said. Looking forward to the baseball season, Ragland is excited to play games with coaches and teammates he loves. 

Throughout her four years in high school, Corinne Sharnetzka has played field hockey in the fall, basketball in the winter and lacrosse in the spring. For Sharnetzka’s upcoming last lacrosse season, she is looking forward to being able to play with her friends one final time. One of her achievements over her sports career would be receiving an honorable mention for her field hockey division senior year. A difficulty Sharnetzka has faced during her four years is balancing school work and sports and maintaining that balance. 

Quinn Vienneau has participated in a few different sports during her time as a high school student. She has spent her time mascotting as our own Rudy during football games in the fall, playing on the bowling team and throwing for track and field. A coach that has made an impact on her life is Mr. Logan, “Mr.Logan has made a big impact on my life helping me through my bowling career. Teaching me patience and living in the moment,” Vienneau said. After high school, Vienneau plans on mascotting in college and possibly bowling. 

Some of the seniors interviewed also seem eager to move forward in their sporting career past high school and into college.