The Male and Female Brain Are Hard Wired Differently

You’re not just imagining it!

Ashley Donahue, Reporter

While some may think that men’s lack of response to their emotions is a personal choice, it is simply how their brains were built — similar to how women might be labeled emotional — but women’s brains are naturally more in touch with their emotions.

When you’re born, your gender decides how your brain was developed.

As explained by Psychology Today, the brain is seen as four different parts.

The four types are structure, activity, chemistry, and processing. While these parts are very similar, there are thousands of small differences that have been discovered.

Structure of a brain is how much bigger, smaller, or differently the brain was built.

The hippocampus is the part of a human brain that controls memory, and women tend to have a larger hippocampus than men. Because of this, women tend to remember more of their senses and emotions than men do.

Men also aren’t as connected to their memories, feelings, and word centers as women are. This is due to women having double verbal centers, while men only have one.

When it comes to brain activity, women have the ability to concentrate more than men do. This part is called cingulate gyrus, and also causes women to look back at emotions more than men do.

“Males tend, after reflecting more briefly on an emotive memory, to analyze it somewhat, then move on to the next task.” said Gregory L. Jantz in his article titled “Brain Differences Between Genders” from Psychology Today.

The chemistry part of women’s and men’s brains generally have the same chemicals, but they each react to them differently and produce more or less of each.

For example, women usually produce more oxytocin, a relationship/bonding chemical, than men do. On the contrary, men produce more testosterone, which causes them to be more aggressive at times and not be able to sit still for very long.

The last center of the brain is processing.

In the processing center, there is grey matter and white matter. Grey matter is dedicated to information/action processing, while the white matter connects different processing areas with the grey.

Because of these two, it is often noted that boys do better on single tasked projects and girls have a better ability to multitask.

So next time, before you compare how men and women deal with their emotions, work, relationships, and focus, remember that there are structural and mental differences between the two genders.