Students Get Breakfast At Lunch

Erica Grimes, Reporter

On January 11, the cafeteria started offering bagged breakfasts at lunch. The Federal Government began this program to help children meet nutritional needs during the pandemic.

The purpose of the bagged breakfast is to be picked up at lunch, and then students can bring it home to eat the next morning. Not all students are able to make it to the cafeteria breakfast service in the morning due to clubs, late arrival time, etc.

“Research shows that children are more alert and open to learning when they are well nourished, so providing them with a balanced breakfast is the purpose of these offerings,” said cafeteria manager Lynn Humphries.

This year because of a federal program due to Covid, all students are entitled to a free breakfast and lunch. The Department of Agriculture passed the summer meal program last summer, and it has been extended to the end of the school year.

These bagged breakfasts consist of: Cini Minis, fresh fruit, fruit juice, and your choice of either chocolate or white milk.

While the intention is for students to take this home and eat it for breakfast the next morning, most are actually using the bagged breakfast to supplement lunch itself, or to eat as a snack.

The popular consensus among students is mostly positive with many students calling the program “extra lunch” or “free food”.

While students are collectively eating it during lunches, aid Terri Bracey noted that it’s still nourishing students, whether at home or here. Additionally, she noted, they must still be hungry at lunch if they’re eating this, too, so it’s helping nourish them at this time.

While most students seem pleased with the additional option, some prefer to just eat breakfast at home where they prefer the food.

Despite mixed feelings, most students who buy are also grabbing a breakfast, too.