Academic Letter Society Has Induction

Timothy Cook, Reporter

On October 11, students in Academic Letters Society received recognition in honor of their high achievements during a ceremony in the media center from 11 a.m. – 12 p.m. 

The academic letters society is a sign of recognition and honor to students who have shown high achievement throughout their high school career. The organization averages about 60-70 students a year.

Students in junior or senior year who maintained a 3.9 grade point average (GPA) are eligible to be inducted and receive an academic letter or patch to display on varsity jackets.

The event began with students gathering with advisor Patricia McLucas who spoke to them about the importance of maintaining good grades and being a part of this elite society. 

Students then had some free time to talk to one another and enjoy some drinks and snacks. Afterwards, McLucas had students take a survey to determine dominant personality traits, and then provided students with a list of jobs to fit those traits.

 They then ended the ceremony by creating encouraging notes for the winter Keystones.

 When McLucas came here, administration offered her the position to lead the organization in 2015. She took the position because she felt as if it was a natural fit for her. 

Typically, McLucas checks grades and students GPA over the summer and sends a formal invitation to students in their homerooms to join the organization.

Some students noted they didn’t know the society existed until McLucas sent them the invitation. While others said they recognized the letters on upper class men’s jackets and made it a goal to be in the club.

I have always seen the academic letter society as something I could achieve, so I have always planned on being in the society,” said football player Carter Wolf who maintains a 4.7 GPA.

To manage their grades they are constantly focused, studying, and being ahead of everyone else. Most of these students say that they have always been a higher achieving student. Some others worked up as they got older and eventually became higher.