Why the new Power45 schedule could be improved.

In the past, we have held Power45 in the mornings after period one on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Just this year Power45 is now held on Tuesdays after period one and on Thursdays after period nine.


I believe the change in schedule was for the better but also think it could be improved, this would include adding a third day for Power45.


When asked about his opinion on the current schedule sophomore Tyler Kowalczyk said, ¨It’s good. I like how it flip flop,s that way if I need to finish up something before school in the morning I can, and if I get work at school I have the opportunity to finish it in the late Power45.¨


The morning Power45 allows students to complete their homework they might have due that day, on the other hand afternoon Power45 allows them to complete assignments and homework they received that day.


Junior Maddie Boone said, ¨I do not like [afternoon] Power45 because students who have fourth lunch are forced to eat at 9:53 a.m., which feels like breakfast.¨


As students,` we enjoy having time to complete homework inside of school to limit the amount we do outside of school, and Power45 is a perfect time for students to do this.


However, students are only given two days out of a five day school week to have this extra time. Therefore, if a third Power45 was included in the schedule, it would give students another opportunity to complete homework.


Because students receive most assignments in the beginning of a school week, I think it would be best for the third Power45 day to be on Wednesday and in the morning to eliminate the early lunch for students.


Junior Jenna Morris said, ¨I think a third Power45 would be a good idea, it would allow me to complete my assignments in school. Personally, with games and practices after school having another day would really help me out.¨


A third Power45 would also benefit not only the students but the teachers as well. Teachers use Power45 to make lesson plans and grade different assignments as well as help their students.


English teacher and bowling coach Joel Logan said, ¨I use Power45 to grade different assignments as well as make lesson plans and practice plans.¨


However, one problem with Power45 is that it shortens class periods for that school day. This means teachers have less time to teach their curriculum and are sometimes unable to complete their full lesson.


Logan said, ¨I would be ok with a possible third Power45 but would be concerned about having another day with shortened class periods, but I think it’s a good idea for students so they have more time to get their work done.¨

As a student, I believe that I as well as others would really benefit from a possible third day and think that this should be a real possibility for the future.