5 Reasons Why You Should Get A Tattoo

Madi Kraemer

Art is a great component of many individuals’ passions and dreams. People often use art as a getaway from reality, and to even help alleviate their emotions. 

As many are positively influenced by art, many have caught on to a permanent solution…ink.

There are many ways to capture the beauty in your life within tattoos, whether it’s to commemorate important things in your life, remember great memories, or simply experiment!

Here’s why I think you should consider getting tattooed in the future.

#1- To Honor A Loved One

The most popular reason behind getting a tattoo is as a tribute to significant people. As life goes on and you meet those who create such an impact, getting a permanent reminder of them is not only truly honoring their memory, but it stays with you for the rest of your life. However, this matter doesn’t just pertain to people, it applies to all loved ones. This includes pets, idols, inspirations, culture, etc.

Senior Wade Kaminski said, “My tattoo is covering the outer portion of my upper arm. It has a skull with a native American headdress including feathers and symbols. Under the skull is a bald eagle, and behind all of that is a dark shaded background.

“I really wanted to get something Native themed because my father is a registered Native and my ancestors are Native American. I really love the culture and thought it would be a good idea to theme my tattoo around that. The eagle plays into this theme as well, due to it being a huge part of Native American culture. Not only this, but it represents the freedom as well.”

#2- To Use Art As Symbolism

When you are insecure about parts of your body, there’s nothing like transforming them into astonishing works of art. Many often cover up old scars or marks with beautiful tattoos to establish a new meaning behind them.

 As people grow older, past trauma may haunt those; however, as a way to cope some get tattoos in order to symbolize these experiences. That way, when moving on with their life, it has representation of battle, bravery, or positivity to counteract the negative association the person once remembers.

Senior Rianna Davis had an aunt who sadly passed away from cancer. She got a tattoo of her aunts’ birth flower and her name, Melanie.

#3- To Experience Something New

Wanting a tattoo doesn’t always have to be relevant to something important. Receiving a tattoo is an experience itself. 

Some people don’t recognize that there is a certain process to finally getting artwork on your body. It takes time and effort from both the client and the artist. When thinking of getting a tattoo, you need to find the right artist, create a masterpiece you want to wear forever, and go through pain to succeed in your journey. Thus, lots of individuals find this process exciting and full of great anticipation for the final product. 

Junior Brandon Thomas said, “I got the tattoo of my mom’s name with roses surrounding it to honor my mom. It’s a great way to hold onto wonderful memories I continue making with her”.

#4- To Make Your Body The Ultimate Canvas

Still, other individuals don’t have a particular reason as to why they got a particular tattoo. Some just like to admire the art as they continue crafting new pieces to apply to their body. 

It’s fun to create tattoos that will resemble artwork forever on your body, using it as a canvas. Your canvas represents the freedom you have to further gain ink as time goes by. 

Senior Ashlee Bowers claimed she has always wanted a tattoo. As she was scrolling through Pinterest, she found the perfect tattoo for her. She said, “I thought the design was really pretty. I went with my Mom, which I thought was really cool”.

#5- To Symbolize Significant Events

To further commemorate things in your life, a tattoo to remember past, present, or future events is a defying solution. As time goes by, many want to memorize significant events that have affected them as a person. Why not find a permanent way to do so? It’s easier than knowing the whereabouts of a valuable keepsake! The value is all within your body. 

Aiyana Eller, a senior, has a tattoo of 2 hands surrounded by mysterious black clouds. The meaning behind it is an obsession with the musician Hozier, specifically the song “World That I”. She thinks the song is beautiful, as a musician herself.