Principal Heather Venne’s Cell Phone Announcement

Due to ongoing student distractions, watching movies on cell phones, and social media drama, we have implemented a new cell phone policy that will go into effect at the beginning of the fourth marking period, Monday, March 28th. An outline of this procedure was sent home to your parents and guardians last week.

Each classroom has been provided with a cell phone holder comprised of 36 individual pockets.  Upon arrival in the classroom, students have a choice: they may either put their cell phone in their backpack before entering the classroom, or students will place their device in their assigned number in the cell phone holder and may pick it up as directed by their teacher at the end of the period.   Students will continue to be allowed to use their phones between classes and during their scheduled lunch time.

This is not a new policy as it has always been outlined on page 4 of the KD Handbook as follows: stating the following:

“Students may use their cell phone before or after school, during hallway transitions between classes, and during their scheduled lunch time.  Students are not permitted to use a cell phone to make a phone call during the school day.  If a student needs to make a phone call during the school day, he/she may receive a pass from a teacher/staff member and then report to the Main Office.”

The only exception to this rule is if a teacher grants permission for their students to use their cell phones in their classroom, per our BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Policy. Otherwise, cell phones should remain off and away during instructional periods within the school day.

Not only have cell phones in the classroom caused significant disruptions, but studies also show that the presence of cell phones in the classroom decrease student learning and test scores.

Students will be redirected by their classroom teacher to adhere to our cell phone policy.  Repeated redirection may resort in after-school detention or more severe consequences such as ISS.

Our hope is this will not be an issue.