Mitchell Trubisky

Cody Joines , Reporter

Since quarterback Ben Roethlesburger retired from the NFL, the Pittsburgh Steelers needed to find a starting quarterback.  

Big Ben won a pair of Super Bowls during his first five years in the NFL; he is one of 13 starting quarterbacks to win multiple Super Bowls. 

Over the course of his 18 season career with the Steelers, he’s earned $247 million in salary since being selected number 11 overall in the 2004 NFL Draft.

He was drafted in 2017 to the Chicago Bears, and later went to Buffalo Bills in 2021.  Now in 2022, Mitchell Trubisky was a free agent and Steelers took him as the new qb. 

His career stats are 64.1% for pass completion. He has a total of 10,652 yards thrown. A total of 64 touchdowns, and he has thrown a total of 38 interceptions. Mitchell is pretty good overall because he has a rating of 87.2.

Is this an improvement rather than having a Mason Rudolph?  Mason Rudolph would be the runner up for the starting position but they drafted Mitchell Trubisky.  If you compare their stats, Rudolph hasn’t been playing as long as Trubisky. Mitchell Trubisky has been playing for five years and Mason has been playing for three years.  

In addition, Rudolph’s career stats are 61.5% for pass completion. He has 2,366 total yards.  He also has 16 total touchdowns and 11 interceptions. Mason Rudolph has a rating of 80.9. 

Clearly, Trubisky is a little better than Mason according to stats. Two main reasons why he is better is because he has more playing time, and he gets more playing time because he was a starter.

Trubisky is also a Pro Bowler where he did pretty well. He completed 25 of 29 passes for 246 yards and a touchdown for a completion percentage of 86.2%.

Some reasons why you should be excited to have Trubisky as a QB is due to his iIncreased mobility; because Roethlesberger was older and bigger he could not move as fast. 

He also has strong play-action passing and pushing the ball down the feild. This will help the team out a lot because they were not a strong passing team last year.

In addition, he is sure to make them a stronger team coupled with then rookie, but now one year seasoned running back Najee Harris. 

Thanks to Trubisky’s agility and mobility, this will ensure he can make better use of Harris and get the ball down the field.

Some other adjustments the Steelers have been making is signing people to the defense. This is good because last year there were two players carrying the defense and that was T.J. Watt and Cameron Hayward. 

Steelers did get some other players.  Levi Wallace was a former Buffalo Bills cornerback but now is going to the Steelers. 

Since Maurkice Pouncey left two years ago, the team needed a new and improved center–and they did securing Mason Cole from the Minnesota Vikings.