How Crunchy Are You?

Madi Kraemer

Obtaining the characteristic of being “crunchy” is basically another way of saying you are a nature lover or a “hippie”.

Many individuals with this granola style often associate themselves with eating healthy food, supporting the environment, and practical, comfortable clothing.

With this article, you will find out how crunchy you really are!

1 Granola Bar

If you are less than 20% granola, you enjoy being outside but can only tolerate it during certain seasons for a limited period of time.

You like wearing your clothes of choice, but you don’t have a particular preference. You just wear what you like!

Any feeling of uncleanliness bothers you; however, that doesn’t stop you from being carefree. Everything that is included with being clean you enjoy.

All hairstyles are open to you, and you like the idea of switching them up on occasion.

You don’t like walking barefoot because it hurts your feet… even though it is something crunchy people do often.

2 Granola Bars

If you are 35% granola, you like the weather and natural surroundings. Exploring nature intrigues your mind; however, you wouldn’t be comfortable doing this every day. Only when it’s the right time for you.

Clothes aren’t a big factor in your life, you just wear what you can find.

Being dirty bothers you, and you can only withstand two days without taking a shower each week. All of the cleaning products you use on your body are artificial and it’s not a big deal. You use whatever seems right for you.

Different hairstyles are fun to think about. You plan on discovering new trends to try out on your hair! Nothing, in particular, catches your eye.

You acknowledge the fact that crunchy people walk barefoot; however, you’re not open to trying it as of right now.

3 Granola Bars

If you are 50% granola, you are right in the middle! The outside environment compliments your personality and natural life sparks inspiration.

Baggy clothing doesn’t bother you, but you don’t wear it all the time. Everything you wear is based on preference.

As days pass by without taking a shower, you definitely realize it… but you aren’t affected by the feeling of “uncleanliness”. Artificial ingredients don’t particularly apply to your opinion. Shaving, wearing deodorant, and using washes that include unnatural ingredients are all necessities for you once in a while.

You like to try new hairstyles, but nothing stands out in particular. Having your hair down makes you feel most comfortable, though.

The belief of being closer to the Earth by going around barefoot in natural landscapes crosses your mind. You make time for this act, but not regularly.

4 Granola Bars

If you are 70% granola, you love nature for the most part. Some things aren’t very appealing to you… but it doesn’t stop you from being adventurous!

Baggy clothing is one of your favorite things to wear, and you let your mind decide what you wear most of the time.

Being natural is kind of important to you, as you care about the environment. Showering and taking care of your body with artificial products isn’t a habit of yours. You mostly like those earthy products. You can typically go a week without showering and you like the idea of being natural.

Having your hair naturally down is the best style for you. Letting it grow out is also an interest to you.

The idea of being closer to nature is pleasing to your mind. You allow the world to speak to you freely. Walking in nature with bare feet doesn’t bother you, as you want to have a relationship with the Earth.

5 Granola Bars

If you are 100% granola, most of the following terms apply. You are a complete nature freak! You love the outdoors, specifically doing anything that includes natural landscapes. Whether it’s hiking, canoeing, reading a form of literature outside, gardening, collecting forms of natural life, creating your own planetarium, etc. Anything of that nature is accepted!

You love baggy clothing, which creates free range to wear whatever you want. Your creative window is always open!

You like everything to do with being “natural”. It’s not every day you witness people taking showers once every month. So being granola, you take that risk of being judged, being carefree is more important to crunchy people than being unnatural.

This also applies to shaving, deodorant, and any other artificial cleansing product. Any product that isn’t 100% organic and/or vegan would never exist in your home. You have MAJESTIC PURE Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo and Avocado Coconut Conditioner. A lot of people have this product or something similar. As well as all-natural tea tree oil body wash or perhaps some anti-pollution/detoxing body washes too. You usually don’t shave either.

When it comes to styling their hair after leaving it unwashed for long periods of time, a lot of the time you will find that dreadlocks are popular, as well as little braided pieces within the hair being down.

There are also some granola people who walk barefoot anywhere they go! You believe that being shoeless while touching the ground directly connects your soul to the Earth itself.